Eun Sang and her mom walk the beach. R replies that YD was the only who understands how miserable she was because of her mom. Eun Sang walks to the beach. Won has a meeting with the woman his dad and JS is trying to set him up with. Dan masih ada Yeo Wol, gadis yang ditakdirkan bertemu dengannya? It cuts him up inside to say it. Won informs dad about Tan.

Finally, I will leave my comments. How could he run to her freely when he knows why she is here, why he had to search so hard and travel so far to find her? As soon as he sees her, YD freezes. He immediately goes to CY to ask if he got a call from Eun Sang. HS is curious why HJ seems so concerned about Tan. Follow Scattered Joonni on WordPress. YD blocks Tan from fighting.

HS says he will be able to get into film school just with his previous awards creds. The bell rings, and Tan gets up to leave.

Eun Sang drops the umbrella and sobs. He asks if the eppisode has been found yet.

She tries to find out more from the teacher. But with both sons like that, how could he not interfere? It really hurt to see Tan turn away when he first saw Eun Sang emerging from behind the clothes.

Email required Address never made public. Tan sees it has been used at a store using a certain money distribution company, so he starts to call every store that uses that company. YD wonders why she fqmily not getting mad at him.

HS comes in, and YD tells him that he is investigating. You are commenting faimly your WordPress. HS is curious why HJ seems afmily concerned about Tan. Off the phone, dad says to Esther that he wants the wedding to be moved up.


Won and Yoon look pleased. Eun Sang gets a call from the Gangnam Police. Join 2, other followers Follow. With the episode so heavy on the angst, it was hard to watch and to re-write the recap knowing where this was all leading to in the end.

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She slnopsis waved bye to him before she left. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I will be trying to capture as much as possible while I am watching the episode. HS replies that she knows who he likes, so HJ nervously asks for them to return back to Tan.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis My Love From Another Star Episode 16 (Lengkap) + Spoiler Episode 17

Goddess Of Marriage Episode 2. Eun Sang walks to the beach. Yoon informs CY that Eun Sang left and he helped her.

CY tells his dad about Tan looking for Eun Sang like crazy and her phone number not nook. I will take responsibility for mom now. What Tan needs to do is not make her run away to another city. Tan is home, wet and sickly standing in front of his dad. Tan is asking his house security people for the CCTV records. She sends er mom home first so she can buy rubber gloves. Eun Sang is working in a bookstore now.


Faimly says she is relieved, so Esther asks if R developed sympathy for Young Do.

Won counters that Tan was always truthful and affectionate to him for the 18 years he hated and ignored him. So how will they come together again? YD is sitting at the ddukbokki place again, looking at the message that Eun Sang wrote on the wall before. Episode 17 Tan ends up back at the empty apartment, the last place he saw Eun Sang, smiling back at him. Tan arrives home and goes to his dad. Won and Yoon him a give worried look, while everyone in the audience whispers.

YD is heading over to a club, while on the phone. He follows her there, but stays far from her, just looking at her sitting figure from afar. What a leisurely description. By realizing that things could actually be worse being apart. YD kicks out everyone in the classroom to talk to Tan. Eun Sang said she will call once she settles down.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 17

Outside, she can hear Tan wrecking his room in anger. Tan calls YD to tell him the news about Eun Sang. I have already written about this, but here it is again:. How will you take responsibility for your mom?

Postingan Lebih Sinopssi Beranda. Eun Sang and her mom walk the beach.