She makes a call: He loved her back then for him to say that he wants to meet Eun Ki in another life and have chance with her again. To his credit, Maru struggles to hide his pain from her. I also wanted Min young to die A complication at his brain surgery would have worked. I’m really happy and satisfied with how the story and the relationships evolved.

But no Taesan talk whatsoever She had an impressive performance in The Princess’s Man as well which introduces me to her. Later, Soo Jung sends him a video message blackmailing him — if he wants to know where Yoon Joo is, he must look at her in the eye just once. Hyun Joo goes over to them and tearfully apologizes: There were flaws, yes, especially in the last episode with eunki not noticing the stab but it is quite good. Seems that everyone had their redemption happening all at the same time. Kgrl November 17, at

Wild yet soft breeze that maneuvered a sailboat came to an abrupt stop that I didn’t appreciate. The maids are all depressed too, because now they only have half their winnings.

First thing he notices? Full Cast and Crew. And yes, Gun Woo lights a charcoal piece. She leaves that bit to trusted people like her lawyer friend and her Secretary. Nice Guy is in my opinion not overrated. But the marriage doesn’t last, and Jae-mi divorces her loser husband. He was already disensitized by anesthetic for his brain operation tomorrow, thus he couldn’t feel the pain 2.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Like someone else mentioned, Eun-gi’s non-reaction was sort of a distraction. Cue Hwang Yong and his mighty legion of gangsters!

Hooray for Love

MR’s reaction before and after the kiss killed me the most. His expression showed that the sandwiches were not really good Logically though, any proper criminal would have fled after failing their crime.


I feel like all things that happened right after Maru got stabbed was ridiculous – him delaying medical treatment, him not wanting to worry Eun-gi episodf not a child. I will find a way to survive.

They wipe away their tears and sorrows, and vow to live well from now on. Final episode ratings clocked in at an even The entire drama was formulaic, nothing new has been done, except for LKH’s sudden reversal of nothing is how it seems — which if you actually paid attention was the running theme of the drama, everything else is pretty simple.

He did tell Jae Hee to pretend to the police that everything was Min Young’s fault.

Tae Won is none too pleased to see them there, and he immediately assumes that Gun Woo is now crawling back to him, needing money and a place to stay. But he eats there every meal. Where else could the arcs originate from? He sees a little kid next to him with his epiisode, and offers several lollipops: I’ve just finished marathon all 20 episodes of this show.

More A wife 7 years older? Feed on Wolf Boy, sister. And if he really didn’t have amnesia, what happened after his operation, before he went to America?

Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie. I wished they wouldn’t extend it. He’ll kill anyone who stands on Jae Hee’s way and he’ll take the blame for it. They might hold a truce due to Eun Seok and we know who.

I enjoyed all of your recaps. I believe this drama would’ve been better with just 16 or 18 episodes total bc some parts dragged on a bit longer than I hoped. I loved your recaps, though! This show was very different than how i thought it was going to go. It didn’t interest me at first and i watched it because i run out of kdrama that i would like to watch and saw that joongki is the lead.


Though not with TaeSan going to Jae-hee I never got the sense she ran it well, nor really had an interest in running it beyond the prestige. To his credit, Maru struggles to hide his pain from her.

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The foe day, the Three Maids and Young Hee sit on his lawn to drink some beer. Bong Yi is staring at the clock, waiting as the minutes tick by til 4pm. If no one has come forward to claim the prize on ticket by October 4 at 4pm, then the maids can get their money.

Storylines did not feel believable and authentic. They showed them making out in the beginning. Maybe try giving that the once-over.

They beat her up uselessly with pillows, more to let go of their frustrations than because they truly despise her. That one part was a bit of a stretch. Arguments are welcome, fights are not.

You and your bad self were gone for too long. If she left without kissing him or without him initiating epispde kiss with her who knows. No need to go back and dispute every single post that is not in line with your thinking.

Silverteem November 16, at 8: JH is actually a Faust, who knows what she is doing and knows her deal with evil.