Tang Jun tells him he must be really angry and disappointed in him right? I am only on ep. Email required Address never made public. Everything has changed, even him. I got nominated for the Liebster Award for the second time around! We are not told how long she is there to study, but we at least see her talking to Tang Jun on the phone. I will give a few episodes a shot. Ahahaha, well, our Zi Qi gets jealous seeing the two of them all lovey-dovey.

She tells him no, it belongs to Ji Qing. The sound and visual quality is very good! Tang Jun wipes the tears away and signals for Uncle Zhou to bring something in. He says that this is what the stupid risks that stupid people thing of. She brings in the document and asks why he stood up for her. But really, she should have know that Tang Jun never liked her anyway… But on a side note, Meng Zhang does a great portrayal of Chu Chu. She specially targets her telling her to hand her the information tomorrow which is supposed to be for next week.

He tells her that starting from today his schedule is her schedule, wherever he goes she goes. He tells Zi Qi to do well, he will treat him well.

Cdrama: The Queen of SOP 2 Episodes

She looks at him and recalls how Tang Jun told her that because of her he became unhappy, responsible for his work and changed his entire life goal.

She tells them that Zi Qi is the real buyer of the Tang residence, so they need to deal with him. Jia Yi is always there for her. Cancel reply Enter your comment here I will give a few episodes a shot.


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I found this a little draggy some parts, but overall still quite nice. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I’m Gao Zi Qi For Tang Jun and Xiao Jie being with the one they love is a difficult job.

Every tme she gets drunk she would forget everything and he would have to come pay her bills. Of p is ok, I may be able to help out with the uploading, now that I finally has good sinopwis although you may have to give me a lot of. When he leaves, Tang Jun ruffles her hair.

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Oh, I am ever so glad that this is not the last ep. In the mist of all this crisis Tang Jun and Xiao Jie still manage to share their bursting chemistry with each other. No, thank you for popping by and reading. Annie August 29, at 7: She was just epiisode some tough love to her irresponsible younger brother.

He asks her what about now? Sinosis know longer needs a prince charming in her life; she needs the man who will be able to support through thick and thin. I really felt her true feelings and that was really true because it made me shed some tears.

The sound and visual quality is very good! Is that the case for Cdramas, having 3 parts to a last episode? Ohhh… Oke thank you I will try it, I hope it works.


She tells her that the most important things to her right now is the family, company, Tang Jun, and her.

Everything is running smoothly at Huang Hai, and we are eipsode to mores cutesy moments between our OTP in a meeting and during lunch break. Notify me of new comments via email. Now look at what he has caused — a heartbroken Chu Chu who is determined to ruin him and Xiao Jie and he has lost his childhood best friend. She tells him he is a special person.

We are not told how long she is there to study, but we at least see her talking to Tang Jun on the phone.

SOP Queen Episode 28 Recap

I find his accent very neutral. She acts so naturally, sinopsiw makes me feel that if i was in her position, i might react the same.

A Fairytale World It’s your dramaland! And Tang Jun too.

He smiles and admits that this is his first time flying a kite. I just still cannot accept that he had let go of his love for Ji Qing that easily. Could you please re-upload the episodes that do not work anymore?