I think that Seunggi himself was flummoxed by the ending. He asks what she did, and she lies that she ran around declaring her love and calling him handsome, and he says that she has no pride. And so we have reached the end of the ride. Dae-woong develops their first photo and buys an album to put it in. She didn’t have to be powerful, but couldn’t she have had at least the agency of knowledge and discussion of important things with Son Oh-gong? He wonders if maybe he feels sorry towards her for something.

There’s just one thing that sort of bothers me about your comment. This episode was so good — emotional, game-changing, yet still with the joie de vivre of the earlier episodes. Wish we could make more clones of you, so you could recap all the Korean Dramas: I didn’t mind episode 20 too much because episode 19 lowered my expectations , but I was seriously upset that there was no reward for Sunmi, after leading her to die so meaninglessly. I mean, we got to see LSG in his spiffy suits, but did it make an actual difference to the show? Damn you fox bead, for making me cryyyyyyyyyyyyy so very bad that I have to skip lunch for fear others will see my puffy eyes.

I enjoyed this one too, but Joong-won’s trauma took over in the last half and he had the more fun catchphrase. Son Oh-Gong is an epic hero. How is Frosty still alive didn’t he die? This drama had sooo much potential like Big did and it just never came through. If only all men came with such supernatural indicators.

Legend of Nine Tails Fox ep 20 (English Sub) Green Hill Fox Legend – video dailymotion

The hoi-hoi couple will go down in Korean drama history as the cutest combination ever. I don’t see why I have to be called oddball or treated like a mad woman by people who clearly don’t respect my opinions as much as they do theirs, just because I don’t like someone they adore. Bitterly, but with Love, Hot Cocoa March 6, at I guess I just didn’t buy his earnestness.


MGIG though not perfect in terms of plot and storyline is still quite enjoyable to me on the whole. Sun-mi moves closer to remove the bracelet, but Oh-gong swipes her hand away, refusing to let her near it.

Legend of Nine Tails Fox ep 20 (English Sub) Green Hill Fox Legend

I love the series and glad I followed it to the end! I really hated how he said “however you change, I will find you” because that opens up all the paths to reincarnation. But whether she did come back or not, it would have been reevolt.

Period drama Horror Thriller.

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child

Why doesn’t Miho just take the bead out while DW still has some energy left. I don’t know what they were gimiho, sticking with a weak ending. And umm, at work, whilst at it. I think I just fainted. The monkey named himself Great Sage, Equal to Heaven. Your email address will not be published. But nope, still dead.

The whole Amnesia thing was ridiculous! Maybe we should change gumjho name to “A Korean Tragedy”. I was thisclose to recapping heaven, and then you snatched it away from me cruelly.

I may have found a new favorite. In the gym, Dong-joo LIES to Dae-woong, telling him the goblin meant that if he refuses to give the bead back after the hundred days, Mi-ho will die.

At least it better not be one of the mains.

Begin to feel they kept him cuz of the actress BORA. But some questions are still open. I like the dilemma it poses for him, and now he has to factor in his responsibility in the mess.

Child actress Kim You-jung – Part 2″. Dong-joo shows up at the airport to meet Mi-ho, and he asks her one last time if this is what she really wants.


Makes things more structured and believable. And OG and Sun Mi are sinpsis. The phone call thd been a nice ending, maybe with her and him especially Dae-woong finally coming to a sort of settled way of mind I posted this on another side but I’m still annoyed so here I go again. Only Mawang got a satisfactory ending in this show, which gives me even less closure because heck, this is the bull who screwed up quite a lot of things with love as an excuse.

Not one for happy ones. Mawang just scoffs that heaven knows nothing and nothing goes according to its plan anyway.

The goblin manages to get away. And I wanna see their baby “bead. He asks for the bead epiisode when Dae-woong refuses, he starts to attack him. He nods, bracing himself, and goes in for another wpisode.

Well, that answers that question. He shows Dae-woong the script he wrote, using his idea—a love story between a human and a ghost.

I’ll say that Hong sisters are masters at wrecking tears. At least she didn’t end up being virgin ghost. Still, despite the many misses, it was a fun ride. Okay, I need a new word for adorable. I agree, if I’d wanted to watch flashbacks, I’d have just gu,iho the previous episodes which, I actually have, times over. At least Sun-mi didn’t end up polluting the air like an undead zombie. I think that LSK was completely appropriate for this role just as he hit the right tone for Shining Inheritance.