It started as a coincidence, and it became something inevitable. I love W bt didnt feel like to watch it again. I hope we see similar strong female roles in other dramas. Yoo’s stepmother was rather silly. Retrieved from ” https: It feels like yet another PSH’s drama role.

Barring NGM’s cameo which made me cry buckets. Her forthrightness and rigidity remained, she did not change to start blaming others, feel sorry for herself or fail to take responsibility even when she was not to blame. Like I’m still waiting for the story to unfold. They work cohesively as a pair. I did watch it to the end It’s definitely not perfect, but it was the first drama to catch my eye when I studied abroad in Korea, so it’s something.

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Its cotton candy, not a real meal. I imagine doctors probably look and dress more like Oh Yeon Joo in W who hardly has epiisode to shower after grabbing some sleep.

Jane August 27, at 3: I like healthy relationships in dramas as much as the sinppsis guy, but with this couple I was like “Too healthy! He was never heard from again T.

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Residents dress for comfort. I dare say it on DB since I am fairly confident I pxrt be bashed here. Right Sidebar Fashion Home Shop.


Glad im enjoying doctors like no other drma can beat this storyline. Nevertheless, Doctors was still an easy and breezy watch.

Yoon-do drinks by himself in his apartment, and thinks back to when Hye-jung taught him some fighting techniques. While I have many complaints concerning the writing and execution, the actors did their part, and at least, the main couple was given some nuance. Auto correct- Hugo Boss.

I liked Hye Jung’s attitude, “I’m straightforward, accept it or don’t, I don’t hide anything. W is a good drama but chemistry between leads are more like acting than real thing.

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Not to mention that as doctors were sort of perfect as well. Fairly easy and fluffy watch, normally this kind epiwode shows are not my cup of tea but i’ll give an exception to this one. HPfangirl August 28, at Doctors was a ” healing ” drama. At that, the hostility is dispelled, and they start exchanging compliments to one another. On the other hand LSK’s scenes with the kids really touched me as they felt so real. But at least Yongpal replaced with an angry female character hellbent on ironwilled revenge.

Doctors is one of those shows that makes me smile and squee.

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Even in her character growth, the growth was consistent with the personality given to her character. Akibatnya Joo Young harus mengganti rugi akibat senggolannya tersebut. The result, Frank, was already eighteen months old when Fee married Paddy.


While the show might not leave with a bang, the final episode was as stress-free as the rest of the show. It should have ended at epi 12 to 16 imo as this drama practically has no plot lol. I am in no way giving her dad a free pass for neglecting and abandoning her, but I can understand how difficult it might have been for him, as he struggled with the demands of making a living, a rebellious child, and a wife who could hardly tolerate her step child.

Kisahnya dimulai ketika Joo Young diperankan oleh Seo Young Hee yang merupakan istri yang memiliki pekerjaan untuk menjaga dan mengurus ibu mertua, suami dan anaknya. Absolutely loved the final commentary.

People have their own reasons for watching a drama. Just want to peak jihong hyejung life after marriage! With Paet, I feel like someone popped my balloon. But W, for me, is like a concoction that sounds interesting but once i tried i will never drink it again.

Paddy has a wealthy sister, Mary Carson, who lives in Australia on Drogheda, an enormous sheep station.