Dong-hae began investigating into the matter and the key to solving it was Do-jin’s lawyer. Not willing to give up on Do-jin, she summoned the Chos back into the hotel, causing blackmail and pressure to prevent herself from getting divorced. Theme song of the Kapuso Station ID Retrieved from ” https: Korean Broadcasting System television dramas s South Korean television series South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings Korean-language television programs South Korean romance television series. Cho and he fell into a coma.

When Anna realized that Hye-sook’s husband was her beloved James, she was devastated and realized she can’t destroy a family. Dong-hae has become an accomplished manager in Camellia and Bong-yi as become an accomplished chef. During the power struggle, the Camellia invested in a major hotel project in Hainan-China, but the funds went missing. Over 40 years ago, the Cho family lost their daughter Cho Dong-baek in a severe storm and almost drowned. Cho discovered the Kim Family was fragmented due to James’ past relationship with Anna and tried to pressure him to stay with Hye-sook. Whether it is Andrea Bril

Sae-hwa wanted to marry into the Kim Family and lied about being an inexperienced girl that was too busy studying to date anyone. Dong-hae tracked down and the two confronted each other in a fight and later sat down for an honest chat about their father and Sae-hwa’s pregnancy. However, Gam didn’t want to submit to their pressure. Anna would spend the next 27 years, waiting for James while being a single mother to Carl.

James had an accident a while back and he’s suffering from a brain aneurysm, slowly killing him. During Dong-hae’s and Bong-yi’s wedding, Do-jin called for an emergency stockholders’ meeting to talk about the epiwode management of the hotel. Amassing his own support group, Do-jin amassed enough stocks to make Hye-sook the new majority shareholder of Camellia Hotel.

Beyond Do-jin’s imagination, Hye-sook gave away her shares dmile Dong-hae, restoring him as the majority shareholder of Camellia.

However, she lied and secretly buried the investigation. Eventually though, Hye-sook and Do-jin would learn about Anna and Dong-hae.


Panoorin ang Tween star n Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. However, Sae-hwa would later found out she’s pregnant with Do-jin’s child. Because she was loved xmile the Chos and devoted 30 wmile of her life into the Camellia Hotel, she always felt she rightfully deserve ownership of the hotel.

Joo-yeon Sae-hwa’s little sister became a successful model while her husband finally passed the bar and became a judge. Their past, present, and future would all change when the Laker family decided to head to Seoul.

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Gmw Anna tried to explain that James never knew about him, Dong-hae had trouble welcoming a father that was never there for them. Sae-hwa eventually grew tired of trying to win back Do-jin and she granted him the signed divorce papers. News of this was a major shock to Mr. Dong-hae can smile again. Wpisode Milyonaryo Promo Mechanics- How to join.

Do-jin paid for his crimes and returned to society, where he finally get to reunited with Sae-hwa and meet his son. Due to personal circumstances, James had to leave Anna, smle he asked Anna to wait for him and he’ll find her. After learning that their father is dying and Sae-hwa with child, Do-jin finally let go of his grudge against Dong-hae, reconciled with Sae-hwa, and saw his James before he operated.

Whether it is Andrea Bril Cho would never transfer his majority shares to Hye-sook and she’ll only be an executive for the rest of her life. She pressured James to stay with her and the two got married and had a son together, Kim Do-jin. The Lees at the time were financially tied to the Camellia Hea in their kimchi business, Hye-sook intends to hurt anyone that ever cared for the Lakers in retaliation, forcing James to stay put.

However, Anna ended up working at the Donng hotel as well and James’ wife unknowing of their relationship to James took care of s,ile Lakers for a time. Bong-yi and her family take Dong-hae and his mother Anna in and treat them as family. Dong-hae was a budding celebrity chef and secretly worked at a friend’s restaurant to help make ends meet. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus.


A year or two later, James encountered Hong Hye-sook adopted daughter of the Cho Familya woman that deeply loved James and didn’t want to let him go. Dong Hae was raised in America by his beautiful but unmarried and mentally deficient mother, Anna Laker, who was adopted there. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In doing fma, James restored his marriage to Hye-sook.

Through Sae-hwa’s own fumble, people in her family started to learn about Dong-hae’s true identity and they conspired to help Sae-hwa to mutually protect their interests.

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This discovery was costly and Mr. A year has passed now and everyone is doing well.

Unfortunately, it was met with great resistance. Do-jin’s lawyer provided all the necessary evidence to prove Do-jin guilty for embezzlement.

Dong-hae has become an accomplished manager in Camellia and Bong-yi as become an accomplished chef. In the midst of all of this is Bong-yi, an aspiring chef who wants to be the first female head chef. According to the Parokya Ni Edgar fro Retrieved from ” https: June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

When James finally found Anna, he couldn’t help but investigate into her life and the Lees. This article is about the KBS television drama.