He then pulls out a harpoon, shooting Angelica straight through the head, killing her. Chris-Chan instructs Sonichu to attack. Ourugg boots sale haveugg , it is one style ofugg ultra short ,ultra short ugg ,uggs outlet haveleather sandals. Sonichu and he get into a verbal argument, and Chris shows up to stop the nonsense. He cries out in anger over this, and a poster of Gen. Anyway for the people who haven’t see the Sonichu The Animated Series, get your ass up and go watch it! Given that inspiration is a big variable, and we may have been lacking of it, this article or section will be completed as soon as possible, at our own pace August 30, – aallnn77 3 Comments.

Born on September 7, , Cory J. I can’t remember much since this was months ago. The episode begins with Megan about to deliver the finishing blow to Chris in a Yu-Gi-Oh battle, when Bionic throws a basketball at her face, killing her and leaving her face a bloodied mess, as he delivers a cheap one-liner. To shut him up, Mary shoves the staff up her china while Graduon pleads. The series centers around the misadventures of Chris Chan and Sonichu with each episode being around 1 minute to 6 minutes long. Sonichu encourages him to go to Nintendo with the idea, and the two make out. The Sonichu Animated Series theme was all well and good

Sonichu The Animated Series Episode 7 Uncut – video dailymotion

The series also does things that Chris would absolutely hate, such as making Sonichu be abusive to Rosechu, him and Sonichu being engaged in gay sexual acts, most of his female characters having manly voices and appearances, and even Chris being raped by a black guy.

The next day, all episore votes are tallied, and many STDs are contracted most likely due to Walsh. He then pulls out a harpoon, shooting Angelica straight through the head, killing her. Sonichu, Rosechu, and Wild epjsode to the 4Cent building. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.


She declares Chris is going down and wields her Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Off-screen, the executive defecates on Chris’s face and Chris ends up in the hospital with salmonella.

Wild Sonichu offers to play the Sit and Spin, and a random black guy offers to play the washboard. SIlvana Rosechu overhears Blake’s plans to have sex with Bubbles. In an interview, when asked if Chris has seen the animated series, he replied by saying that he still hasn’t seen it, though it can be assumed that anomated he eventually does, he will be incredibly upset about it, kinda like when he saw the Documentary of him.

When it wasn’t Liquid doing the voice, the others time, it was Spazkid himself- or what appears to be audio clips from Chris’s various videos, such as the singing to “So Need A Cute Girl I Have A Boyfriend”, and the line “boobies He’s always bitching and moaning about pretty much everything.

Allison mutters to herself how much she hates her job. Rosechu lies crippled and bloodied, while Chris shrugs this off and starts to leave. It just kinda stopped after the first episode of Season 2. Everyone was constantly pestering him for the serjes episode or to leak content or to volunteer for voices, and he just got fed up and quit. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Sonichu the Animated Series – CWCki

He is a awesome man. Retrieved from ” http: Nowadays, Cory draws pornographydoes little podcasts with his animator friends and is currently working on a game.

He also has a Newgrounds account, it is Spazkid. Mary asks if he has ahold of the medallion. Rosechu angrily points this out to which he quickly licks part of it up.


Rosechu snaps out of it, back to normal and fully clothed, with no memory of what had just occurred. Caveman Chris goes to the internet to check on his fans and pulls up the Animated Series out of the twenty-five hundred Youtube results on his name.

The narrator ends with the questions of Megan defeating her captor if Jimmy Hill will assert his righteousness, and asking who will clean up the mess on the floor meaning Rosechu’s gory pile.

The episode opens with Sonichu and Rosechu in fighting stances, ready to fight the Jerkop, who orders them to buy him KFC. Sonichu encourages him to go to Nintendo with the idea, and the two make out.

A ninja suddenly appears, grabs Chris’s medallion, and shoves it up his ass, much to Chris’ chagrin. No, I’m not making that up either.

Many characters from both sagas and his comics make appearances such as Rosechu, Jimmy HillMeganetc.

Sonichu The Animated Series

Chris sends in his idea and meets with Nintendo executives. Sonichu and Rosechu walk in from “their night of activities.

Sonichu, butt-fisting a random goat, declares how he is proud of his father while the goat craps on him. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Most likely, he will demand a new series be episove by Spazkid and change everything, glorifying him and his characters, making him a transwoman, and so on- as he wished for Sachumo to do with the documentary. The content struck me as being fairly adolescent and immature.