One day, he licked the bouncer — and became a bouncer. At the same time, Smith rifled Ketchel’s pockets for his money. Igoe used to say that it was because Ketchel had his own. If you detect any issues with the legality of this site, problems are always unintentional and will be corrected with notification. It tore through his side, into a lung, from a shooter driven by jealousy, or rage, or personal profit, or some combination. In the Chicago Journal , W. He got his punches away from all angles. They set up a script for their fight to stretch it to 20 rounds, as a round fight would guarantee boxing fans would pay to go to local theaters to watch the replay of the fight.

Jeffries, the referee, called time and Ketchel walked to the center extending his hand for the shake, Papke ignored his hand and sailed into the Michigan killer with the fiery tempetuosity which entitled him to be called thunderbolt. World Middleweight Champion February 22, — September 7, From that time until later in his career, Stanley never lost. Ketchel never let up. But his continual shifting and his swift punching make him a bad target to hit. Because Ketchel was shorter than Johnson, he wore long coats to conceal the platform shoes he had worn to make him look taller at a publicity event.

I have seen the fight film and when Johnson knocked him out, he hit him so hard that he fell on top of Ketchel. The funeral, held October 21,was described as the biggest funeral in the history of Grand Rapids by Ketchel biographer Manuel A. Ketchel had no more than a normal share of the race patriotism of that era; but he was hungry, as always, for blood and cash, and he thought he could beat the big fellow.

He is also credited by some sources as gaining a kethel win” over “Philadelphia” Jack O’Brien debatable and Sam Langford. SuzieQ49May 20, Ketchel was infuriated by the manner in which he had lost. The Encyclopedia of World Boxing Champions. Once or twice he wrestled or threw him across the ring. Ketchel had knocked out a heavyweight, Jim Smith, in what proved to be the last fight of his life, in June It would have made him weep.


One hundred years ago this week, on Oct. But in the twelfth round all parties threw the book away, and what followed was pure melodrama. I suggest you watch the little subtle things ketchel does on film. He seems surprised and dazed and looks at Ketchel as if to say, “How the hell did you do that?

Indays before Mike Tyson fought his only professional bout in Michigan, he was asked if he had any personal plans while in Detroit. If you detect any issues with the legality of this site, problems are always unintentional and will be corrected with notification. After winning his first 3 fights in California by knockout Ketchel was matched with Joe Thomas who was a claimant of the middleweight championship.

He had a record of 51 wins, four losses, four draws, one no contest, and four no decisions newspaper decisions: Perhaps it was the speed of this toll that made up his mind. Those barnstorming, bar-hopping, mythical characters — promoters, managers, and gamblers — who along with athletes were an essential part of the sports universe before the homogenizing rise of television forever altered the landscape.

In the Chicago JournalW. On the morning of October 16, as Ketchel sat at the breakfast table, Dipley shot him in the back with a. He lived for only a few hours afterward. Inafter he knocked out George Brown, a fighter with a good Coast reputation, in Stanleg, he decided to stay in California. He was a savage.

Retained World Middleweight Title. No knock downs were scored and both had plenty of energy in the end. Willus put him in chaps and spurs and billed him as a cowboy. The wounded champion was transported from Conway, Mo where a special train had been chartered. The decision was a draw; although the crowd booed loudly believing Ketchel deserved the decision. He said his only plan was to visit Grand Rapids and pay respects to Ketchel. ketche


Nevertheless, the heavyweight champion appeared to fight cautiously against him. The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia. Though he could fight, he was in bad shape, like a fine engine abused and over-driven.

On June 10,he beat Jim Smith on a fifth-round knockout in New York, to improve his official record towith 49 knockouts and four no-decisions. How can I pay him unless I manage him?

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Ketchel never let up. Dickerson chartered a special train with two doctors to travel stanlley Springfield, care for Ketchel and take him back. The year-old had written: He frequently looked nervous and drawn when he entered the ring.

His last words were: When he died inat the age of 47, he was widely recognized as an unsurpassed observer of sports, through his long-running weekly column in Newsweek 1 and a variety of freelance pieces for The New YorkerThe Saturday Evening PostTrueand Sport.

Stanley Ketchel, The Michigan Assassin

No holds were barred. Mizner would need money from Ketchel to settle with Ketchel. In Chicago, as Ketchel used to tell it, a kindly saloonkeeper named Socker Flanagan kketchel name and function came straight from Horatio Alger saw him lick the usual Algeresque bully twice his size and gave him a job.