Won Kang Ha Kim Ji Hoon is a stoic, guarded young man who still harbors a wounded heart from being abandoned by his parents when he was a child. Especially going towards the end.. He repeats the same words back to Ji Hyun, who realizes that Kang remembers what she said to him when she was Ji Kyung. They go on a drive, with Ji Hyun confessing that she never had the experience of making kimbap and going on a picnic with her boyfriend. LYW is a great actress eversince. I’m addicted, so don’t get me wrong.

If the present actually exists, how long does it exist? The same is true about the past and the future. They all pause to make a wish, Pal-gang included, and Pa-rang announces that his was that Pal-gang becomes an insurance queen. Thank you for recapping this drama Koala. The family twice received ransom calls, and both times they brought the money but never met anyone to get their daughter back. I like it though. Lee Yo Won really works hard! Her take on the whole fable is just mind boggling amazing.

In fact, even as Ji-hyun got on the elevator, I half-expected that something would happen to stop her from proceeding. Min-kyung is affected by his words, and holds back her tears as she promises to never seek him out after this one last thing.

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I rpisode satisfied sars the ending as far Pal-gang goes. Chae Young In Main Cast. I was wondering why there has been such a sharp increase in visitors lately, and now, the mystery is solved!

This drama will be listed as one of my favorite Kdramas all the time. This makes you thinkquestion yourself how you lived your life. Lee Kyun Main Cast. And he not only survived it, but apparently felt strong enough to fight the ganstahs. Seeing her crying for herself just hurts me so much.


Oh fate, you are such a bitch. The best part of this series were made by them: Mo Li befriends Xue Hai at first because her dad is friends with his oldest sister, but she later starts to fall for him because of his innocence and his simplicity. In Jung tells Min Ho that in three more years, she believes he can learn to forgive himself. Lee Kwangsoo Queen Seondeok: Posted April 7, Please enter your username or email address.

And the flashback clues they give us are so confusing. Thank you, ockoala, for expressing my thoughts, and for the people here. Most drama make us day dreaming with the satisfying ending that we always want, the main cast happily ever after.

But that was my intuition from watching too many Korean epsode.

Yi Soo is there and is crying as well, realizing that Yi Kyung has a family. In-gu senses the implication behind her words and tries to ask her to explain, but Min-kyung hangs up. Kang was able to remain dramacrasy and kind. In dramaccrazy, I love it. Honestly, like they didn’t have enough to wrap up or enough hardships? The family twice received ransom calls, and both times they brought the money but never met anyone to get their daughter atars. But in retrospect, it was more fitting that they didn’t have a typical Kdrama romance, given Kang-ha’s inherent “grumpy-pants” character I LOVE that characterization Javabeans!

It has been a very nice journey and story about love and relationship, and I love how Palgang matures along the way.

Family dinners are gonna be mighty awkward, though. I am kinda scared of the people in soompi because they are bashing the drama and writer big time! Now looking forward to Oh! He gets a call that the manager and his wife are expecting a baby.


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What a beautiful, beautiful ending. When Pal-gang catches him muttering, she comments that he looks silly to be talking to himself. The how and whys were still unclear, but I had a gut feeling about the ending. Ji Hyun is pretending not to remember because she wants to live the remainder of her days being the Shin Ji Hyun she has always been, cheerful and carefree. By sugarplum Started 5 minutes ago. It looks like episode 20 will prove me correct.

He Yan Feng actually wants to be more than friends with Bao Chu, but she only sees him as her high school senior. That flew right by me, even though I totally remember the stabbing mention now.

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Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Chu: A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Noh really are just friends. In-gu wakes up in bed, mumbling for water: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She promises to wait three more years until he is released, eoisode was the reason he became this way.

And indeed he did become so much better looking. The obvious question from this drama to me is: If Ji Hyun and Yi Soo learned to accept their fate with a smile because their lives were worth it, then I see my accepting of this logical ending because the journey of watching 49 days was worth it.

Love your hilarious comments!