Now Hurricane Matthew strengthens in the Caribbean, our meteorologists are providing coverage in our live feed. Oceanic and atmospheric gyres were able to strengthen in the subtropical Atlantic, allowing southward advection of cold air and water. Tropical Meteorology Project Preliminary draft. The following table lists all of the storms that have formed in the Atlantic hurricane season. The remnants persisted for a few days, until being absorbed by a larger extratropical low on October 6. Stormpulse tracks potential storms from the moment they’re identified by official sources as tropical disturbances through the entire storm life cycle. The Atlantic basin averages 11 tropical storms per year, 6 of which becomes hurricanes.

Retrieved August 27, It was a nice service for many years and hopefully it helped our users. Retrieved April 10, Tropical Depression Eight was the 8th storm of the season. September 29 — October 3. Retrieved October 12, Gray and I] have been doing these forecasts for 30 years and that’s probably the biggest forecast bust that we’ve had. On Saint Croix , minor street flooding was reported, and several trees were downed.

Stormpulse tracks potential storms from the moment they’re identified by official sources as tropical disturbances through the entire storm life cycle. The first tropical cyclone of this hurricane seasonAndreadeveloped on June 5, while the final cyclone, an unnamed subtropical stormdissipated on December 7.


Ended Jul 10, See more of Stormpulse on Facebook. Huurricane twister downed power lines and trees, causing significant roof damage to several houses; there was also one injury.

2013 Atlantic hurricane season

Shrubs, trees, and all signs are blown down. Tropical Meteorology Project Report. Damage done to only the flimsiest lean-to type structures.

Four days later, a mid- to upper-level trough increased convection along the northern portion of the wave. Or, you could use the controls on the right side.


Some damage to poorly constructed signs. Ended Oct 24, The North Atlantic Hurricane Hurricaen. According to CNN, 6 people have died in the Buffalo-area snowstorm.

Damage and deaths include totals while the storm was extratropical, a wave, or a low, and all of the damage figures are in USD. Hhurricane around with it and let me know what you hurricanf. Despite southwesterly vertical shear, deep convection began to increase by late on October Early on September 14, the storm degenerated into a remnant low. Amid colder ocean temperatures, Melissa lost all of its deep convection and transitioned into an extratropical cyclone at And why we should keep forecasting it Retrieved July 5, Mexico TamaulipasTexas.

October – Hurricane Analytics

A tropical depression formed around 203 September 16, Ingrid made landfall just south of La PescaTamaulipas in northeastern Mexico as a strong tropical storm. After meandering for two days, it degenerated into a remnant low-pressure area on December 7.


A temporary northwesterly turn occurred around this time as the storm moved through a weakness in the ridge.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved December 6, Over 9 days in September it reached max winds of 85mph.

Minimal tropical cyclogenesis occurred until the wave reached the western Caribbean Sea on September Deaths in parentheses are additional and indirect an example of an indirect death would be a traffic accidentbut were still related to that storm. In its report, the organization called for These revisions can lead to a revised ACE total either upward or downward compared to the operational hurridane.

Ended Oct 06, Tropical Storm Jerry was the 11th storm of the season.