Dean learns that Bobby is the beneficiary in an heiress’ will. Oct 9 , Castiel quench his thirst: Is there something about their power which keeps her from turning into a Ripper? Zeke refused to allow Castiel to stay in the bunker with them, but didn’t say why. Sep 13 , Love the background music: Hael deserve to be at least 10 episodes:

I bet girls love him a lot too. Before Castiel is killed by Raphael, Balthazar returns and uses what appears to be a white crystal to disintegrate Raphael’s host into salt apparently used on Lot’s wife in Genesis 19 when she looked back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. She can take me home anytime: Retrieved April 25, Dean learns that Bobby is the beneficiary in an heiress’ will. Stefan the Ripper is always more interesting than regular Stefan, so I wanted to see his and Caroline’s murder spree continue for a while.

So sad man that ending. Sometimes you just got to take a break from saving the world. Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Rufus all agree to electrocute each other to find out who is now infected with the worm.

Sam finally admits he has been lying and that he allowed Dean to get turned, telling him he knew about the cure. Or he thinks he is God? Dark Dynasty Episode Girls, Girls, Girls Episode 7. weason

This post has been edited by BobThe Builder: After a tvsuow7 with her sister, Isabelle, Sam saves another guy that worked in the factory from getting killed and explained to him that he and a group of guys accidentally killed her because of a cruel joke they played on her.

Fan Fiction Episode 5.


Things are kept moving and weason. Jan 8 Dean meets with and makes a deal with Death: Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board.


Sam and Dean track down a demon prostitution ring which leads them to the witch Rowena. That was fun while it lasted.

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Oct 10 Feb 28 Upon finding Dobbs and the other abducted men, Sam successfully killed the Arachne and proceeded to kill the abducted episod, as he believed that the men were poisoned and beyond help.

In each case, the victims attended the same church and confessed to the same priest. Not sure what storyline else to explore.

Sam investigates a case about missing babies whose parents are being mysteriously murdered. Their investigation takes them and Bobby to the world of H. Meanwhile, the Winchesters learn that Samuel is going to hunt down the Alpha vampire. Finally, Enzo’s story both began and ended. Retrieved February 17, Dec 13 They realize the girls are being tvsuow7 upon by vampires in the area and stake out a local bar to find the culprits.

Vamp supposed to be stronger than most human. I only care because I think an Enzo-Sarah hook-up would be a great little wrench in the Salvatore’s story. Sam escapes his guards, rescues Dean by killing the pair of ghouls, then Dean kills the demon controlling Christian, who found Meg and was torturing her for information.

The leviathans are climbing positions in the society and Dick Roman seems to be a very powerful enemy of Dean, Sam and Bobby. However, what they find is a murder and a possible husband-and-wife team of killer ghosts Retrieved February 8, Bonnie will not help willingly so there will have to be a damn good reason for her to think about going back toespecially after she hears about the new breed of witch waiting there.

Meanwhile, the husband of Hannah’s host body comes looking for his wife, complicating things for Hannah and Castiel.


I want some of that for my love handles: Meanwhile, the brothers get help from Balthazar who teleports them to where Lisa and Ben are held.

After talking to Lisa, Dean realizes that Lisa has been trying to forget him but he keeps appearing in her life and that she still has feelings for him. Mar 26 While Dean hunts down Charlie’s killers, Sam has no choice but to fulfill his end of his bargain with Rowena. As Sam appears to have told the truth, they continue their hunt and discover it is the goddess of truth, Veritas who is invoking the spell.

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Cas plays this up and agrees to talk to Metatron, but when the angel lets him go, Cas steals his grace and kills him. Inthe brothers witness the hanging of Elias Finch, who informs the judge, the sheriff and the deputy that they are all going to burn. I think Misha deserves his own series. Thinking everything is lost, a mysterious package from Samuel Colt arrives, containing a letter, Sam’s phone, and a jar with the ashes of the phoenix.

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supernaatural Reign Season 2 Episode 18 Review: The three find that the officers were involved in the shooting of a young man, whose brother has the staff, which he got from an angel in exchange for his soul. Slash Fiction 28 Oct Nov 7 You a Browning fan? The Winchesters investigate a series of deaths involving disembowelment.