He asks is everything ok? A password will be e-mailed to you. He looks very angry he says: And then after a while Jolly agrees to work with them. Suvi goes to her house.. Suvreen is very happy and Alisha is angry. The episode starts with Suvreen and Soni. Sign in Recover your password.

RC tells that she was the one who Madhura used to compete with. Soni and Yuvraj are sitting in a coffee. Yuvraj says thank you to Soni. Suvreen says to herself why does this happen to me? She has blue cards on her hand. Suvi says yes coz today is a special day. Yuvraj pulls Suvreen to him… Suvreen says Soni will never take me seriously I tell her everyday clean the room anyways cleanliness is equal to..

She says that she will design for a star. Yuvi tells her that the time is already over. Suvreen says you came to say sorry and in that to problem Yuvraj says not sorry big sorry Suvreen says are you forgetting something?

Yuvi asks where are you?

Madhura enters the office by scolding Rohan. Sign in Recover your password. Howz the design for Madhura going?? Madhura looks at Ira.

Suvi wants to tell this to Yuvraj too. On Jun 13, He goes to get alcohol for Soni but Suvi asks him to get tea. Jolly tells everyone to get to work. They discuss about it. Suvi drunk asks her if she has his photo, Soni replies yes, Suvi tells her to burn it right now and take the pic out, Soni searches on her phone for something, Suvi asks her what is she looking for there, Soni asks how will she burn the phone as all the photos are in there hahaha omg Soni was so cute hereSuvi sighs and says she should have brought printed photos, Soni tells her she is right, Suvi then tells her to delete the photos, Soni gets charged up and goes to delete from her cell, Suvi tells her to delete him from her life from her facebook and phonebook.


Maddy asks if they are doing an item number.

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Suvi goes to the door and sees Yuvraj standing outside of her house. She is chilling on her iTab. Soni 213 that she will explain it to Suvi. Pritty says that everything is ok and then she says that she has to talk to RC and then she goes. And then she says: Suvreen suvdeen in Maddys flat she is worried she says what shall I do now? Suvi goes to her house. Suvi says that she forgot her keys and Soni is not there.

Suvreen talks to herself: Suvi told that she will make a surprise.

Veera 10th June Written Episode Update. At office, Alisha tells Ira that a person who episde be punctual cannot do anything in life especially during the initial phase of career.

Suvreen Gets Thrown Out

Suvi tells that the design is good. And then Pritty comes she says good news.!! Soni tells that she ans Suvi are in need of wine. Suvreen looks at Alisha, she is talking on the phone. Rohan comes and asks her to come to cafetaria.


Like 0 Dislike 0. Yuvraj opens his arm and says aur iski Suvreen hugs him Yuvreen Hug too cute both Yuvreen say sorry to one another. Yuvraj says thank you to Soni. And then she wanna go but Alisha asks where are you going? Suvreen says to herself why does this happen to me?

Suvi says that his house is really nice. Suvreen says noodles are form Kolkata.

Suvreen takes Sonis finger and puts it into hot coffee. We see Suvreen and Alisha talking to RC regarding the guggwl RC is very happy with the designs and information Suvreen has chosen he says very nice and all the information you got on Madhura is correct very impressive. Maddy rings the door bell of Soni and Soni mistakes him for her maid.

Back to Jolly and Ira. The girls dance to the music and Maddy clicks pictures. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. I wanna talk to you. On Jun 12,