They gather in a similar fashion to the Nazi rallies, even equipped with banners and armbands emblazoned with the Wave. An intelligent young history teacher with brown hairs and blue eyes, who is the leader of the Wave, but at the end he gets too far with his own experiment. It should be noted that in tiny print on the copyright page, it does note that this is a novelization of a teleplay that was an adaptation of the original teacher’s essay about the experiment. I do think it’s as well to bring them to the attention of children in books like these. Is being an outsider better than what you commit to? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Que si lo recomiendo? To answer your question directly, the book is fiction, in as much as the characters and specifics go, but the outline of the plot is factual for the most part. He used the money to start the Dr. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. All the while, Todd wrote songs and poems and lots of letters to his friends back home. His class swelled as kids started skipping their own lessons to be part of his history class. Willets Elementary school and then attended the Wheatley School for junior high and high school. What happens in this novel has been proven time and again in psychological labs across not only America, but the world.

Read this for a class assignment and I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. When they had all assembled the projector showed an image of Adolf Hitler. After studying literature in college, Strasser earned his living working as a journalist. Serial killers might be sick in the head, but the people who condoned, run and submitted to Auschwitz by and large most certainly were not – they were just like us, our children, our friends.

Is being an outsider better than what you commit to? There is nothing superficially frightening about the events of this novel, but the sub-text of the story is. He lived syynopsis a commune, then lived in Europe where he was a street musician. Perhaps that wasn’t the best time to pick up a book that seeks mortob grossly oversimplify how fascism can slowly creep up and overtake a society of otherwise well-meaning people, but what with the blatant metaphors and bad, bad dialo I read this book while on a family trip to Washington, D.


This book is scary.

Morton Rhue – The Wave

This section possibly contains original research. The class reacts well to this, embracing the sense of empowerment it gives them, and they continue their newly disciplined behavior into a second day of class, surprising Ross. Allerdings hatte ich vergessen, dass die Zielgruppe eher Jugendliche sind, die sich mit Hilfe dieses Buches mit dem Thema Faschismus auseinandersetzen sollen.

Each member had to greet each other with a special salute and they were against everyone who resisted belonging to the group.

Morton Rhue – The Wave – Schulzeug

The creative liberties taken with the real story are immaterial; the underlying psychological principles at play are the meat of the book. Based on a real classroom experiment carried out in California inthe teacher who organised it, Ron Jones, calls it the most frightening event I have ever experienced in the classroom.

During The Wave, he was finally accepted as an equal, no one picked on him, and he had friends, but his new-found social status is now worthless ths. It is not good to follow someone blindly.

As Ben turns to leave, the one person who really flourished in the Wave, Robert, is standing alone, upset that The Wave ended. Todd went to the I. The class are taught in a way that removes ‘thinking’ on their part and is fhe form of conditioning and control that resembles military training.

This creates lots of peer pressure because people is afraid of what would the Wave do to them just for leaving the group. First time I heard about the book was, when my older brother Thomas finished it and said, that it is a good book, and I should also read it.

Ich denke, dass es Sinn und Zweck des Gy ist Kin Ich habe mich sehr darauf gefreut, dass Buch zu lesen und hatte relativ hohe Erwartungen daran. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors.

Potencialmente todos tenemos una constitucion que nos impulsa a entrar en un grupo y frente a esto, la negacion es un vano intento defensivo. Trivia About The Wave. Ross finally realise that his experiment went too far?


En apenas unos dias el experimento toma vida y lo que comen Excelente!!!! Even if the proceeds go to the museum? She understand her mogton very well. The Wave was introduced to the school’s football team and at first, teachers noticed all the improvements: How could they claim they weren’t involved?

Laurie receives a letter for the school paper, of which she is editor in chief, detailing how members try to recruit others with bullying. But when a group of kids or anyone takes on a single mind, you can really see how impossible it becomes to resist, to speak out, to decline.

Viele Leute wollen nicht denken sondern nur glauben. So there is a great deal to talk about. It is thee fucked up, Who would think bby writing this. This lesson cannot be tol The Wave is a young adult novel by Todd Strasser. When I first read The Wave, I had no comprehension of why it was scary. Ben’s answers weren’t satisfactory, and in an effort to synipsis them understand, the next day he begins a classroom experiment.

InTodd sold his first novel, Angel Dust Blues. What makes them decide to tell other students about the movement? How come everyone suddenly cares about Robert? In a high school history teacher, Ben Ross, was working in a small “all-American” town teaching his class of grade 12 students about the second World War.

I’ll admit that the writing of this book isn’t the greatest, but the message that comes across is delivered wonderfully. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

There’s also an underlying thread which discusses the ethics of experiments like tje. This book is based on a true story of an experiment carried out by Ben Ross, a history teacher in a high school in California.

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