Anko becomes disappointed that she cannot go a museum with her friends, including a boy from her class she likes, because the market is preparing for a festival. Luckily, her grandfather says she’ll be able to go if she wakes up early and finishes up all her jobs. The only similarities between the episodes is that every girl uses their mobile phones and that Hiro is always around and sees the girls. The next day, Nonoka tries to learn what had happened during her absence, but Yuzuki refuses to tell her and runs off to continue her protests, which Noel decides to help with. Meanwhile, Souta attempts to apologise to Yuzuki, who had been feeling guilty for a long time after Souta got injured while searching for her one day. However, there is happier news for Sharon to recount to Mutta, namely the fact that go-ahead has been given for a telescope to be built on the Moon, both fulfilling a long-term dream of Sharon’s while also offering the opportunity for Mutta to fulfil a childhood promise that he would be involved in the construction of that telescope – something which now genuinely seems to be possible. Finally, the pair make up and restart their cycle all over again. Meanwhile, Dera is cast as an ornament for the festival’s shrine.

However, it seems that neither Dera nor this visitor are particularly happy to see one another – for Dera’s part, he seems downright terrified of the girl who arrives on the doorstep, while she isn’t exactly thrilled by the bird’s new, rotund nature. Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 5 Chihaya and company are already through to the national karuta championship, as are their next rivals, Hokuo. They explore the people and cultures of different places throughout their adventures, spending only three days at each location. It turns out that this visitor is a girl named Choi, and rather than a princess or anything of the like she’s actually a fortune teller for the prince of her island, with Dera serving as her conduit for such fortune telling. At the light side! Tamako Market Episode 4 English Subbed.

Hanasaku Iroha — While on an orienteering trip with the others, Tamzko feels confused as to why Xnime is so hostile towards her. Kaori doesn’t refuse the offer and instead tells Saki about her no-talking rule. Afterwards Kaori reveals her condition to Saki, with the latter likening it to her own They explore the people and cultures of different places throughout their adventures, spending only three days at each location.

After ending up at an abandoned kindergarten and eventually being found by Noel, Nonoka remembers that not only was she ankme with everyone seven years ago, but she was the one who suggested they call forth the saucer, with Noel revealing she is the saucer itself. As Satoru and Saki join a group of three such survivors, they begin to mull over the reality of what they’ve just witnessed – is this really the work of a single colony headed by Yakomaru, and why would eplsode wage such an impossible war against mankind?

While there, Misa talks to another modern mage, Gary Huang, who tells her that person who modified her code is dead.

On the day before the fireworks show, Koharu speaks with Yuzuki while Shione comes across Noel and tries to determine her relationship with Nonoka. Can the trio of Tsunemori, Kagari and Kogami put a stop to his plan, whatever cjia might be? Despite that early surprise defeat for the school’s Class A member, it seems that things are looking up for the rest of Mizusawa’s team – Chihaya’s switch towards her more typical speed-based style is wreaking havoc with her opponent Amakasu, and Tsutomu is proving just how far he’s progressed episod the past year by giving his rival a rough time.

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tammako Or is he down??? Finally, the pair make up and restart their cycle all over again. Kaori eventually finds herself at the river where she accidentally loses her diary, while at the same time Yuki goes to Ki Whether it’s wishing they’d been to the beach or not being able to enjoy a trip and overnight stay, it’s clear that the summer hasn’t quite managed to hit all of the key expectations required of it, but fear not for Kana has a plan – to make those dreams come true in the cheapest way possible.


For all of her professional interest in a lunar telescope, there’s also a far more personal reason for her to be invested in its construction too For once, even Aki seems to have lost the vigour to fight in the face of adversity, meekly accepting the club’s fate as she does. The following Tuesday, Kaori finally shows up for school and Yuki immediately attempts to apologize for their fight.

On top of Kud’s own nervousness about her issues when it comes to taking aanime, the expectations of failure from her classmates only serve to make things worse, as they find her struggle with language and school work to be “cute” rather than something they’re willing to help her overcome. Who will prevail in the battle of the Kaks?

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After dodging a vengeful bullet after Sena tries to give the main character a crazy name Charlie Tunoku or somesuchYozora predictably makes a hash at wooing any of the guys within the game as she spends all of her time worrying about her characters stats. Sora no Method Episode 4 English Subbed.

As sketchy as it looks, the group have no option but to fall straight into the trap presented them by the “Alone” or rather, Alan that has captured Rei, and head off into the hills to find her.

Now, in the present age, the Millennium Puzzle is found by a young boy, Yugi Mutou, who unlocks the spirit of the puzzle and is possessed by the sprit of the old Pharaoh, who lost all of his memories from his old life. Space Brothers – Episode 44 Somehow, against all the odds, a major disaster has been averted on eppisode Moon, bringing with it a sense of “relief” that this word markef not even begin to express, whether it’s for those directly involved, the group’s Earth-bound overseers or us, the viewers.

The next day, Noel shows Yuzuki Nonoka’s photo album, which shows Nonoka chose that date because it was the anniversary of their last fireworks festival.

This story teakes place in the Edo era where Tmako Shichika is the seventh head of the Kyotou school of Japanese sword martial arts living in Fushou Island with his sister Nanami. Episode 5 English Subbed. When Midori learns of this, she chooses to stand against him, although the heat between them soon calms down by the next day as the gang watch some fireworks.

Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 6 Nishida may have lost his game, but there’s still plenty to play for in the regional final as the match between Hokuo and Mizusawa continues. Wish you fun movie.

Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 5 Chihaya and company are already through to the national karuta championship, as are their next rivals, Hokuo. The next day, Kaori visits the river on a whim and finds Yuki desperately searching for the thing she forgot. With victory very much in mind, Hokuo look to gain the advantage thanks to Retro’s ability to discern the opponents line-up with unnerring accuracy The only similarities between the episodes is that every girl uses their mobile phones and that Hiro is epiaode around and sees the girls.

This excitement proves to be well-founded too, as these two one-shots debut in consecutive issues of the magazine, and both prove to be record breakers. Psycho-Pass – Episode 16 Shogo Makishima’s goals have taken him to the heart of the Sibyl system, hidden from the general public though its true nature might be.

When entries are invited to the school’s pupils for a proficiency test, this seems like Kud’s worst nightmare, yet regardless she joins her friends in signing up to take the test, in turn prompting them to do everything that they can to help her study.


But can anyone actually do anything about it? Psycho-Pass – Episode 17 The dust is settling in the aftermath of the riots, and in spite of the economic, physical and psychological damage done to the city it seems that it – and the Sibyl system – are safe in the wake of Makishima’s attack.

Although this apparent Ogre seems to have their number, some calm, rational thought and planning gives them a slim but possible opportunity of escape, and it’s one that they grab with both hands – although it seems for a moment as if it’s failed, their plan ultimately comes good and saves their lives even if it comes at the loss of their raft.

The girls soon encounter Noel along the way and have her join their group. With Kogami in particular given explicit instructions to capture and arrest Makishima alive, he sets off for the roof with Akane, leaving Kagari in charge of handling the basement, which proves to be far more expansive than even the building’s public blueprints suggest. Episode 4 English subbed in high quality Online on Chia-Anime. Needless to say, everything has changed for our main cast of characters, as the death of Mizuka reverberates around Kai and Aki in particular, whereas the injuries suffered by Subaru as a result of the accident with GunPro-2 has far wider implications, that being the disbanding of the Robotics Club and JAXA pulling their support and funding from their Expo dream.

Right off the bat, things are further complicated by the fact that Makishima and his accomplices have split up, with some taking to the roof of the building and its radar antenna, while the rest have set off for the basement.

With all that drama and tension set aside for a time being, this episode really deals with the “clean-up” for that incident – in the first instance, this means getting an already-recovered Hibito and the injured Damien back mafket the moon base for treatment, and after a good rpisode Hibito seems fighting fit, while his colleague is going to take a few months to recover entirely.

At the light side. I’ll admit that watching O….

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Psycho-Pass – Episode 18 Makishima’s time in custody has proved to be brief after he makes good on his escape in the wake of revelations to him and ourselves about the truth behind the Sibyl system, and all of a sudden it’s the MWPSB’s job to catch him again despite having been taken off his case previously.

Minami-ke Tadaima – Episode 6 Kana seems to have created herself the perfect summer break schedule When Sasami fails in an attempt to coax Kagami into going shopping with her on account of the latter’s need to care for her rabbitwhat she anticipates to be a loan shopping trip to buy a bike turns into her running into her mother again, and an enthusiastic Sasami wastes no time in dragging her Mum along for a bit of mother-daughter bonding as they shop around, visit the arcade and enjoy some ice cream together in spite of said mother’s staunch attempts to remain stoically unmoved by the wonders of the modern world.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – Episode 6 Thanks to Kodaka’s “dream” in last week’s episode, it seems that the cat is threatening to escape its confinement with regards to his childhood friendship with Yozora – surprisingly, Yozora herself is actually quite happy to simply spill the beans to the rest of the club members, which causes some awkward moments Fortunately plenty of kawaii Chiyo-chan saves the episode.

Each episode features a different girl, doing different things in their normal days. Tamako Market Episode 5 English Subbed.