Retrieved November 2, Views Read Edit View history. Also, Morgan’s baby gets a tank. Retrieved June 26, Tanked is an American reality television series that airs on Animal Planet and premiered in August Retrieved October 10, Wayde and Brett visit some construction builders at a luxury condo complex, and build a tank made in a wave shape.

Great star Jimmy Butler checks out for a boombox tank in his small flat, and Donald Penn tries for a tank fix. Wayde and Brett outfit it with a launch pad, countdown and smoke machine. Retrieved November 7, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved November 16, Retrieved June 22,

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Wayde and Brett create some sick tanks for some popular names in the music biz. Each episode features a unique theme with fish to match.

Also, Morgan’s baby gets a tank. The guys have a break from building tanks, so to cure boredom, they challenge each other as to who can build a better a tank, so Guns N’ Roses star DJ Ashba and Jeff Tremaine become judges and assistants, and turns out to be a real hard challenge.

Retrieved April 24, Retrieved November 9, Retrieved June 22, The team is tasked with building a tank for Ethel M, a chocolate factory in Vegas, and also the team has a surprise in store for Wayde. Retrieved October 10, Retrieved November 28, Retrieved September 28, Retrieved December 11, Wayed and Brett build a volcano tank for a Hawaiian restaurant, and a drum kit tank for a music store. Wayde and Brett visit some construction builders at a luxury condo complex, and build a tank made in a wave shape.

In the season premiere, rapper Akon wants two centerpiece tanks for his new dream house, but everything has to be in place before he can move in. Brett and Wayde work on a tank with a twist for Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine.


Wayde and Brett build a tank for NFL star Adrian Peterson and his wife Ashley that features glowing amethysts, floating crystals and a diamond-studded ring.

On this special episode, Wayde and Brett show some of the most outrageous tanks ever built with some unseen footage. Wayde and Brett are challenged to build an aquarium inside an oak tree.

Retrieved November 14, The team is tasked with building another shark tank for comedian Tracy Morgan. Wayde and Brett design a multipurpose tank for a fitness mogul; an Alabama casino requests a tank with a scaled replica of a historical lighthouse. General references episofes A-Z — tanked on animal planet”.

Retrieved October 6, Brett builds a car theme tank unfilltered record time, and Brett is nervous to use his new scuba skills. Retrieved October 24, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wayde and Brett transform the Zappos nap room into an immersive napping experience! Also, Spencer Gifts asks for a larger representation of their iconic lava lamp.

The Fairleigh Dickinson Devils request a tank with fire and fish for their student pub. Wayde and Brett create two aquariums for a mall’s new food court, fpisodes work to transform a vintage popcorn machine into a tank.

Rapper Tyga requests a tank dedicated to his song “Rack City”, episores Wayde and Brett have to figure out how to fill it with money. Retrieved June 1, Gabriel Iglesias gets a tank from ATM, based on a van cut in half, showing the back half as Gulf of Mexico and the front half as Hawaii.


Retrieved April 27, Retrieved November 20, Comedian Bill Engvall wants a tank on the wall in his business’s building, but there is a slight challenge in building a tank with weight limit. Retrieved October 16, A treasure chest tank for a children’s hospital; new responsibilities for Agnes and Heather; a tank for a unfiltereed company.

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Retrieved May 1, There’s trouble on set when a wildlife officer threatens to take away Dwight Howard’s snakes. Retrieved June 26, Dwight and Wayde prank Brett by saying there is an escaped snake in Dwight’s house, knowing Brett’s fear for snakes. Redneck designs a RV aquarium; the team builds a large indoor tank that holds both alligators and sharks. Wayde and Brett transport a fully operational beer fermenter, then head south to create a doughnut-shaped tank.

Retrieved Tankfd 21, David Hasselhoff has Wayde and Brett build him a “hofftastic” tank. In New York, a Cleopatra-inspired hotel asks Wayde and Brett for a one-of-a-kind tank that fits their theme. Retrieved November 13, Wayde and Brett build a sexy tank for rapper Ludacris. Also they get to build a tank built for Rock Legends Kiss! Brett proposes to Trisha, his girlfriend of six years at unfilterev surprise party filled with friends and family.

An amazing airport restaurant request; A Massive ship replica. Retrieved April 22,