The unit identification code may be printed with a black ink on the outer face of the sleeve after shrinkage on the container, printing with sufficient contrast on the print base of the heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 to permit its AutoPlay. Another example of a security element with a characteristic of the second level is an anti-Stokes component, that is to say having a specific emission in the visible under the lighting of an IR pointer, for example a length nm wavelength. Here, the first region 26 is situated substantially at the upper part 20a of the heat-shrinkable sleeve 20, while the second portion 28 is located at the lower portion 20b of the heat-shrinkable sleeve Method of making cases, in particular for video cassettes with a view to ensuring their authenticity. The heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 may further comprise, preferably in its part not covered by the cap 18, at least one visible authentication element, such as for example a holographic foil, an optical effect type variable security printing OVI , relief – in particular realized with a swelling ink – or authenticatable recognition elements dispersed in the material of the sleeve. The sleeve is provided with a holographic element and a tear strip. Chemicar Europe NV designs, develops, manufactures and distributes non-paint consumables and equipment for the professional body shop and car refinish in general. Surface relief holograms and holographic hot-stamping foils, and method of fabricating same.

The heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 covers here the neck and at least partially the plug which is received to seal and protect the mouth of the bottle A safety sleeve according to any preceding claim, wherein each authenticatable opening indicator is at least partially fixed, in particular glued, to the heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 , particularly with adhesives having adhesion properties different at one of the two parts of the heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 to be delimited by the substantially circumferential tear, particularly on either side of the circumferential weakening line 24 where appropriate. Import-export – mechanical engineering. They can also be supplied with beautiful, silk, flock and hessian fabric linings for a more luxuriant internal finish and laser- cut , foam inserts, where specified. The appearance of thermo-chromic elements, for example their color or transparency, varies depending on the temperature at which they are subjected. Its installation is easy and easy to cut. The strip of the securing sleeve 16 left visible by the cap 18 has for example a height of between 3 and 70 mm, preferably between 10 and 30 mm. Plain and pierced valve and tap seals, vulcanised rubber joints, rubber joints, aramide

The masking thermogetractable can also be opaque to visible wavelengths, but is transparent to wavelengths outside the visible thereby reveal the authenticatable member Plain and pierced valve and tap seals, vulcanised rubber joints, rubber joints, aramide For more details on cookies and how we use them please refer to our Cookie-Policy. This device is relatively complex manufacturing. Raw material for the production of foam concrete Genfil Foam Agent 2. By “permanent bond” a definitive link here means between two parties to join.


Alternatively, a code can be present on the bottom of the sleeve so as to be legible, and on the upper part of the sleeve, hidden under the cover, preferably the portion of the sleeve which is removed when opening the container, this facilitates comparison of the two codes.

Tapes, adhesive Plastics – industrial products Plastics – packaging. The heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 covers here the neck and at least partially the plug which is received to seal and protect the mouth of the bottle The transparent tape continues to be developed to further strengths, the range has been extended. In other words, as shown, the bottle is placed on its base, the neck upwards, the first zone 26 extends over the line of weakness It can thus filk, for example, a web of material, as described, a wire, a cable, a braid or a tape.

The term “comprising a” should be understood as being synonymous with “comprising at least one”.

FR3027881A1 – Witness of opening of thermo-retractable sleeve – Google Patents

As a recognised partner among our clients, ghermoretractable develop In this area you can find FAQs and step by step “how to” videos and guides on our product. The circumferential lines of weakness therrmoretractable extending here around the perimeter of the heat-shrinkable sleeve 20, substantially at the lower perimeter of the glass ring facing the cylinder base. Import-export – mechanical engineering.

Alternatively, the heat-shrinkable sleeve has a notch or window leaving the tape 22 including the authenticated element 29 accessible, especially visible from the outside. Linear ethylene interpolymer blends of interpolymers having narrow molecular weight and composition distributions. High thermorrtractable pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and process for making the same.

The strip has a length greater than that of the cap. We can cut foam packaging or promote goods. Only then, and not before, a data connection will be built up.

Such withdrawal is allowed over the entire securing 14 a visible mark subsequently by consumer. Conformable and die-cuttable machine direction oriented labelstocks and labels, and process for preparing.

Country of ref document: European patent EP-B discloses a closure device comprising a screw cap and a tubular heat-shrinkable plastic, which covers a side surface of the screw cap. Kind code of ref document: Secure container comprising – a container 12in particular a bottle or vial with a neck, – a closure device of the orifice of the neck, and – a safety sleeve 16 according to any one of claims 1 to 22 or a set of securing a container according to claim 23 or 24, the heat-shrinkable sleeve thermordtractable at least partially covering the orifice of the closure device in the cervix.


The authenticatable element 29 of the tape 22 is preferably visible or detectable after the establishment of the safety sleeve on the container, even fim the introduction of the cap 18 of the heat-shrinkable sleeve A member having a third level of security feature is for example capable of generating a specific signal when subjected, simultaneously or not, to one or more external biasing sources.

It then has for example a thickness of between 0. Lightweight concrete block production facility for installation service 3. Here also, the first portion 26 extends between the top of the bottle neck and the perimeter of the glass bottle the ring 12 facing ffilm the neck of the bottle.

Fixing of free gift on bottle neck – comprises tubular body with reducing collar fitting on bottle neck with housing for gift. The tape 22 is adhered to the radially inner surface of the heat-shrinkable sleeve 20 at two portions 26, 28 separate. Compositions containing impact copolymers made from a blend of a homopolymer phase and a rubber phase having a high ethylene content.

Impact resistant blends of thermoplastic polyamides, functionalized polyolefins and functionalized elastomers.

Semi-permanent adhesives are adhesives which exhibit a low adhesion. Of course, other reasons or registrations can be considered.

tesafilmĀ® transparent – tesa

In the case of a wire or a cable, the latter has a diameter between 0. EP-B discloses a heat-shrinkable plastic sleeve, intended to be affixed to the neck of a bottle, partially covering the cap.

Siegelbare Kaschierfolie enthaltend mit Metallocen-Katalysatoren hergestellte Copolymere. Switch to other country or language Choose a Region: It may also be provided a series of alphanumeric characters forming a word or a name of product or brand rather than a pattern Alternatively, also, the opening indicator 22 has authenticated a authenticatable member 29 is in the form of a colored area printed on its radially inner surface, facing the container, of a certain color.

Drills, woodwork engraving equipment cnc router. Multi-layer oriented polypropylene films having comparatively low film-to-film coefficient of friction. The authenticatable opening indicator is preferably a material that can remain intact in spite of pulling a portion of the heat-shrinkable sleeve to which it is attached.

In other words, the assembly 14 of securing does not plug the withdrawal of the interior of the neck without damaging said set securing Easy-open reclosable films having an interior frangible interface and articles made therefrom.