Taking place in the s, an unsociable young girl is suspected of killing her younger sister during her first communion, as well as a series of stabbings that follow. Bobby prefers dreamworld limbo over his real life. The icon we are going to be paying tribute to is none other than Jason Voorhees. On Thanksgiving, Larry goes into the turkey-selling business. Is Cyborg America even that bad? A new manager at the Chronicle gives Balki what seems like a good promotion, until Larry discovers it is a token job with no real responsibilities. Did you think I was describing something else? And unlike most of the fore mentioned films, no one in this one really learns any sort of lesson whatsoever.

Except that one girl, but really she probably died off screen anyways. You remember what a problem they were in the 80s, right? But this movie has so much more going on that just this hairy situation. Ragnar, played by Gene Simmons, is attempting to combine the local water supply with all of the toxic waste build up by…. Maybe someone out there can tell us what happened with this sequel and what was even going on. Loomis ten years earlier drops the ball and mentions she is a thing he can kill. Balki takes a job delivering packages for a racketeer named Vince Lucas. Little does Roy know, he just sold his soul to the devil and his family is in for one wild ride!

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Jennifer faces a promotion that would send her to Los Angeles, but Larry still can’t quite tell her how he feels about her and ask her to stay. Jason Lives, which happened to be all of our favorite of the series.

Larry doesn’t want to go at first, but when he learns that Jennifer is going, he agrees because he’s desperate to impress her. Directed by John Carpenter and Lroject Hooper, this little gem was overshadowed by the hit series Tales From The Crypt and forgotten about for decades…until now!

This week we bring you the long promised halfsie we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Miami Connection is a film that excels at being amazing, terrible and sincere at the same time. Dolph Lundgren is a legend. We may one day revisit the terror of Camp Crystal Lake, but for now we must move on to bigger and better things. And after everything is said, the best friend club owner and Henry Wayne become co-hosts of Detroit AM and we get to see their wonderful dynamic throughout the credits.


This is Angels in the Outfield. Balki’s pet bird Georgi flies away after Larry leaves the window open, leaving a heartbroken Balki awaiting the bird’s return. Barbarian Queen was exactly what we thought it would be, nothing more and nothing less all packed into an hour and ten minutes. This week we continue our journey into the twisted mind of Jason Voorhees as we discuss the 4th installment in this series, Friday The 13th: Pop some No-Doz for this one — we go from best to worst in a single week!

Episode 128: Moonwalker

The boys were still laughing with beers in their hands. Wainwright for a mental health test to gauge their level of stress. Loomis ten years earlier drops the ball and mentions she is a thing he can kill. Larry soon regrets chastising Balki for telling Mr.

bucdy Balki takes Larry’s play, Wheat, to Lydia’s theater, but Larry’s iron-clad insistence that nothing be changed alienates the cast and crew. Balki gets a visit from his Myposian cousin Bartok, only to discover he’s become a California dude with a ripoff scam. When you hear that there was an adaptation of The Phantom Of The Opera made instarring Robert Englund, you probably think its going to epsiode a bloody and cheesy take on it, right?

While we had mentioned discussing Critters on starllayer next episode, after some strong consideration we are going to old off on those creepy crawly little guys for now and instead focus on another icon of horror. This week on the podcast, Corey digs up a favorite from his youth that he felt was so far forgotten it was worthy of the B Movie label.

Mr Banga is sacked

Grab your backpacks and lunchboxes because school is back in session! It has that great 80s action feel and truly does the character justice for the most part.


Put in charge of the Chronicle’s weekly children’s page, Balki draws a comic about a sheep named Dmitri. The icon we are going to be paying tribute to is none other than Jason Voorhees. The Summer is slowly coming to an end and in comes the Fall season. We still may not know exactly what Gleaming The Cube means after watching this movie, but we sure feel like we gleamed it really good.

Soviet Mikhail Rostov, a terrorist whom Matt once caught, wants to exact revenge.

But Twinkie makes no effort to reconcile with his wife, so Larry and Balki have to try to get them back together. The only thing is…could this sequel be as good, if not better than the first? It takes a special kind of person to not be able to escape from clowns that move like a morbidly obese man without his Rascal scooter, but somehow this town is full of them.

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Larry and Balki are chosen to be in a commercial for the Chronicle. Who is the man in black? Zoltan Botulitis travels from Mypos to engage Balki in a duel; when Larry tries to discourage the duel, he manages to insult Zoltan, who insists on fighting Larry. Women have been enslaved by a brutal army of men who survived the nuclear holocaust.

Voorhees is oddly appropriate. If you know anything about the CIA, you are already more knowledgeable than anyone who made this movie.

Is YOUR marriage fireproof? In it Stamos plays Lance Stargrove, the son of murdered secret agent Drew Stargrove, who must take the reigns of his prkject and stop the evil hermaphrodite Velvet Von Ragnar!

Because when within earshot of a man whose only purpose is kill his family sure, go ahead and mention he has another one.