Eric Bruno Borgman Reporter uncredited. When the second mole gets killed by Ming you only hear gunshots. He’s just bad till the end. John Farrer Priest at Billy’s Funeral. My father grew up in Boston and when we walked out of the theater he couldn’t stop talking about how authentic the environment and attitude was. Which brings me to Production value – Scorsese bombed, big time. Jeffrey Corazzini Crime Scene Unit uncredited.

We see DiCaprio almost on the verge of crying. Is he going to get an academy award for something that is not his? But the second time he used the pinhole effect in TD, I realize that Scorsese has ran out of ideas. Even though Boston is not really a gritty town Scorsese was able to capture a darker side of the city. First Costigan is shot Which is a ripped off from the original , and then everyone else gets shot in the head except Sullivan. While many have criticized that his movies have become more commercial I believe that he has just evolved.

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John Cenatiempo Providence Gangster 2. Osmani Rodriguez Reporter uncredited.

Legendas portuguesas para The Departed. AG] sub download 0 French subtitle The. To download all our subtitles, click on 1. Queenan Ray Winstone Mr. The scene seems really rushed.

Are we also to believe that Sullivan can rise through the ranks of the police force so fast, considering that also ‘cleverly’ explained by Ellerby they don’t trust people with perfect records? Craig Castaldo Crack House Denizen.

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thd However after that it doesn’t take long for Nicholson to give his total trust in one year and a half to two yearswhich bothered me. Something that he so blatantly took from someone else and did not even bother to credit? Timeframe – The time frame is just ridiculous in TD.


Anderson Boston Police Dignitary uncredited. Jeffrey Corazzini Crime Scene Unit uncredited.

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Philip Stockton Supervising Sound Editor. Are we expected to believe that in the short span of 4 months, Costigan is able to infiltrate the mafia and become Costello’s left hand man, given that everyone so ‘cleverly’ explained by Queenan knows that he was a cop and that Costello doesn’t trust people easily? Was holla20077 really necessary to kill Damon and provide the audience with a happy ending?

Art Kristi Zea Production Design. Production Ellen Lewis Casting. Robert Thayer Assistant Art Director. Eugene Gearty Supervising Sound Editor. It is a specific trademark holl2007 I have never noticed in any other city. AG] sub download 0 Turkish subtitle xd sub download 0 Turkish subtitle The Departed cortomaltese download 1 Vietnamese subtitle The Departed sub download.

One of my favorite aspects was the friendly hostility the characters had for each other. In Boston, when you are really close with someone or not really it is, more or less, a requirement to bust their balls and shoot cruel insults back and engljsh in rhythmic banter.

Costello, if he is a big time gangland boss, and that he is dealing with international crime lords, why is he and his right hand man still going round the hood to collect protection money?

They have very different feel to them. TD, like all other Hollywood cop movies, is about black and white. But the second time he used the pinhole effect in TD, I realize that Scorsese has ran out of ideas. Chance Kelly Exam Instructor. We see DiCaprio almost on the verge of crying. Terry Serpico Detective 3 Tailing Queenan. Larry Mitchell Younger Priest. In IA, it is a convincing many years. Is there a need for all that gore?


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In this period filled with really bad movies it’s a movie you have to watch. Writing William Monahan Screenplay.

T o take down South Boston’s Irish Mafia, the police send in one of their own to infiltrate the underworld, not realizing the syndicate has done likewise in Martin Scorsese’s multiple Oscar-winning crime thriller. Eric Bruno Borgman Reporter uncredited. Costime and make up Sandy Powell Costume Design. Crew Robert Griffon Jr. He really snagged onto a deep and tragic character and created something that will hopefully be recognized come awards season. Yan tells the Psy he’s a cop and lift that weight off his shoulder even if it’s for suubtitles a second.

tthe Plus, with actors like Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin playing supporting roles, that says a lot about the quality of the film they signed up for!

Some things veparted better than in the original Infernal Affairs like character development. The shrink sleeps with both Costigan and Sullivan, and we are expected to feel sorry for her? While an undercover cop curries favor with the mob kingpin, a career criminal rises through the police ranks.