Even the North is highly unlikely. Polonnaruwa was not considered a part of the Eastern province but however there is evidence to prove that not only Anuradapura but even Polonnaruwa was inhabited by the Tamils. There is a limit to this madness. Duttugamini never fought the Sri Lankan Tamils. Why should the Tamils worry if the President is a corrupt familial dictatorship? The present position of the Tamils is not created with the current presidential elections.

In these times of racial prejudice, it is refreshing we have people like Mr. Even without LTTE influence, most had reasons to boycott elections. An Alu polymorphism analysis of Sinhalese from Colombo by Dr Sarabjit Mastanain in using Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati Patel , and Punjabi as parental populations found different proportions of genetic contribution: Last accessed 3 March Sinhalese race today has evolved from the Hela Tribes with an input from the Indians. No king of Sri Lanka can be called a Sinhalese king. The Sinhalese are nothing but Indians and mostly South Indians.

He reportedly built Buddhist viharas in their place. But the Kandyan rule does not deny the Tamil presence in those areas. So that becomes the Theesan who believed in his God. We still have a long way to go to win an acceptable political solution to ethnic issue and Tamil grievances, but that will happen only if Maithripala Sirisena comes into power.

Both Candidates Have Placed Sinhalese At The Center Of Polls: Tamil Civil Society Forum

That is what descdnt need. The forging of Indian nationalism has an inclusivity which is lacking in Sri Lanka where the Sinhala-Buddhist claims exclusivity on the basis of a myth based on bestiality and patricide. Did you create this story?

So much for a law abiding future with respect for the judiciary! Parakramabahu I thus coming of Tamil lineage, easily ingratiated himself to the Tamils of Jaffna. As descfnt Sinhalese never having fought Indians, it is my fervent hope that it would remain so. He surrendered to the army like a rat.

Your email address will not be published. Because of the both candidate disagreed to negotiate in regard to the conflict that tamils faced. The key paragraph is below:. In the process, she changed the name of Ceylon to Sri Lanka a Sinhalese namegave the government control over key export industries, and created a weak president.


Sri Vallabha, the uncle of Parakramabahu, exercised authority in Jaffna in the name of the king. Taniyappan, a mercant from Padavikulam, laid a foundation stone for a Siva temple there. But this cannot go on indefinitely. In Sinhala we say. The only kingdom left was the Kandyan kingdom and therefore the Tamils of North and East were seeking help from the King of Kandy.

I am told supporting references are given in http: They deserve our respect. I am sure he will facilitate this as a humanitarian operation. As long as the next President also remains a Sinhala-Buddhist Nationalist why should the Tamils vote for them?

Blaming the British for all our ills is now a stale strategy has been far too clear for a long time. The UN and the international community is likely to take the safety of the Tamils living outside the North in case North decides to separate. Let me tell why. Today we have protuges namesEnglish names and we see the influences of these cultures. Dental evidence for affinity and microevolution of early and recent populations of India and Sri Lanka”.

Thereby if you are smart enough you have to think wisely, Sarath Fonseka offered negotiations openly to Tamils and quickly he has lost almost of many Sinhala vote bases. There is a dilemma for the Tamils as to who they should choose. Doing so will surely show the Tamils strength but for what? So far it is only a small fraction of the Lankan Tamil issue that engages Tamilnadu political competition. Polonnaruwa was not considered a part of the Eastern province but however there is evidence to prove that not only Anuradapura but even Polonnaruwa was inhabited by the Tamils.

Today you can still see the influence of the British, Dutch and the Protugees in Sri Lanka as a result of over yrs of foreign rule. What has he got to say where that disputed chronicle the Mahawamsa, in which Sinhala extremists like him make such a hue and cry, came to the attention of the Sinhala Buddhists only about years ago — thanks to visiting American missionaries. That is what Dr.


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Nambiya, in Tamil, is the one who believes. It is bigger than that. If the 5 provinces were kept as it was without any changes later on would you have claimed the present day Eastern province as part of your homeland. After several centuries today the myth has 0205 the truth and the Sinhalese fools believe it as gospel.


If not please provide reliable evidence. You talk about demnala gam bim in the East. To answer Ben Hurley, there are many nations in India. Trincomalee The Siva temple at Trincomalee known as Koneswaram is subtitlds considerable antiquity despite the strenuous efforts of Sinhalese nationalist historians to deny the Tamil Hindu character of the ancient port city.

You have very well said it, and this clearly shows the exclusionary functioning subtiles Sinhalese politics since independence starting with the disenfranchisement of upcountry Tamils.

Retrieved from ” https: Here is a monk who can teach one or two thing for you to ponder. Thus of the 22 assistant government agents divisions in the Trinco and Ampara districts the Sinhalese constitute the overwhelming majority in in 10 namely, Padavi Siripura,Gomarankadawela,Kantalai, Moraweva desvent Seruvila in the Trincomalee district and wevgam pattu ,panama pattu and bintennepattu in Ampara district whilst the Descenh constitute majority only in Trincomalee town and Tirikkovil in Amara.

After WW1 hte Jews worked hard under very difficult conditions with racism east end white chapel area; but then they are Europeans so they managed.

But offering solutions to infuriate a marauding majority, will only lead to pogroms that dwindle the minority population, in other words a good excuse for ethnic cleansing.

A meaningless Omanthai checkpoint will be descen to remind you that you are the vanquished. Genetic study of Dravidian castes of Tamil Nadu S. Even he himself has never said he was a Sinhala.