This felt a lot like a set up episode for tomorrow’s episode! Acting is good but there is something that exasperates me. And if we take out the amazingly awful English-language acting of the LA scenes, I like the time spent away from home turf as well, because it adds to the dreaminess of that isolated encounter, that connection formed in a semi- vacuum where our leads were on more level playing field than they are here. Though I found it long, I was glad I finished it. Like KT, GJP was lonely, though he had friends, and friends who fought with him, and fought for him they went to save Jandi , and he bullied those who were weaker than him. Mileage varies, I suppose. GF mentions it at the beginning of ep.

Thus the recurring kidney jokes since he’s denied being a drug dealer. He has that reputation, and I believe that he actually earned it, by doing it. I do agree so strongly with you about her emotional intelligence and her acting skills. I look forward to finding out more about that side of his character. Cnblue Sexxy comeback for Tgthr. Jun Soo Jin Main Cast. Ivoire, I did not mean to hijack your post.

On the other end is Hyun-Joo who feels an overbearing burden by Won’s wealth and has problems even accepting a gesture like a necklace. Two sides of the house, 2 classes, divided by the kitchen door. I speak multiple languages learned wng my parents, who are not Americanbut we probably wouldn’t just randomly speak one of them if we were surrounded by English speakers in America.

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I’m a litter overwhelmed with all these missing parents though. Right now I’m not crazy about Kim Won. I think that’s what happened to Hyun Joo too. Won clearly has a lot of baggage, so I’m still cutting him some slack. Hello KDaddict, Good to see you as well. It may have worked for Kim Won but may not for tan. Madam Han tsk-tsks at his affection for someone who hates him, but Tan replies that still, he likes his brother.


When the lights came on one spisode one, and the fountain too, it gave me goosebumps.

Just then Tan returns her call, and she puffs up in satisfaction to answer. He’s a really charismatic episose and he’s pretty good at conveying a lot with just a look. It’s nice that he’s a bit naive in his dealings with Eun-sang, without being too childish or petulant.

It is like taking a literature class, except, it is a Kdrama: I am just curious. Jun Soo Jin Main Cast. I do agree with you and having read your response, I realize that the longing I saw in KT’s eyes was for their burgeoning friendship.

I had to go doze off for a few mins about 40 or sobefore I get ready to watch ep.

I wonder if Park Shin Hye would get charmed irl, but then i remember she’s worked with several hot actors that she’s probably immune to it. Xy October 24, at 3: About allabouthappyendings A freelance writer and mommy who has a lot of things to share to the world.


I’ll upload the EP 6 subs tomorrow afternoon. Also, Jandi was actually not yelling all the time. Faye October 24, at 3: We do, but I don’t think he does. That being said, this drama, like all dramas almost all of themstill has its flaws of course, and I am OK with that.


He was sad too knowing how far apart they are socially, becos it makes things very complicated, difficult, downright impossible between them. I don’t know that Madam Jung needs her own key, she will always be let in. I agree, she’s really a good actress Now, in Korea, it’s a different story altogether. I too, love KT for all that you mentioned.

Lee Min Ho is doing a neirs job portraying him. Allisa October 23, at 9: Look at how he is treating Rachel. Is he trying to encourage Tan and Eunsang to get together or is this a test.

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I think it is part of KT’s layered character: Maris October 24, at 5: I mean from what we’ve seen of him he’s a pretty sweet guy who would rather mind his own business. But he didn’t have to really crash it. Actually the school was really good at keeping the filming secret.

What a pleasant surprise to have it occur episoee on, in a setting that was reminiscent of their time together episose Cali.

I really love Tan’s mom. Youngdo vs Kim Tan was both hot and scary. I’ve to admit I may not be fair to BoF.

Tan confides to Manager Yoon about his failed attempt to meet hyung.