JH and MY’s moral compass has wavered back and forth. If he hadn’t, everything would have turned out differently. I don’t think it’s bad for him to feel responsible. Actually, despite all his sacrifice all this time, he never admit what he did all wrong in the first episode. This was definitely an emotional roller coaster, but the plot itself has slowed to a crawl. He knows Min-young tried to kill Joon-ha, and offers him a chance to turn himself in while Jae-hee listens from outside the door.

The guy is so tight lipped about his emotions, that when he does show emotions, I can’t tell if they’re real or not. Compared to I miss you, this show is a comedy. Jae Hee goes to her room and looks at the bling in her jewelry box. I will wait until this weekend to watch the last two episodes. I really dislike how Maru is acting this last episodes. She calls lawyer Ahn and asks to speak with him.

Korean Drama Series: Innocent Man Episode 11 [English Subbed]

Skip to secondary content. Park Si Yeon is so amazing. It was all wrong since then.

Finally, someone is speaking sense. Hope it picks up in the finale. And thank you Ms. I want Maru to be happy too, but how can he be if he is rarely honest with his feelings or what he thinks he should do and be feeling. Now, every time there is a close up of the brand name, i think of PPL. You have captured the confusion I feel watching him, but why I like watching him.


Unfortunately, I think this episode was his death warrant. Although, at one time I actually looked for that Canon camera since I’m into photography. Kudos to Writer Lee, indeed. He wanted her to recover her memories and believed that she would eventually choose him. Lawyer Ahn is uncowed and asks if Maru has any evidence that he tried to kill Joon Ha. So, do it like you did it is my vote.

Koala for your recaps and your hard work.

Nice Guy Episode 19 Recap

Because of that same reason, she believes they tried to kill Joon-ha. If she gives Eun-ki everything, she inbocent Maru to give her all the copies of the illicit tape recording. HeadsNo2 Dear HeadsNo2, thanks for the recaps, they were great.

Just pack your bags and go. I really just didn’t feel any of the urgency this show has made me come to expect. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Jae Hee smiles and says that it looks pretty.

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Thanks for the recap and the spoiler warning warning. Another choice would be for Maru to give everything of him to her — his body and his heart.

All Min-young did was take the blood off her hands and put it onto his own. He gets up to buy them a drink but she stops him and asks that he sit down. I thought I understood what he meant cause epissode also is what he said Eun-ki should do; that she should take responsibility for her part in all that happened.


Maru goes inside dramacraxy sits with Jae Hee in the courtyard. They will go where she wants to go. Park shi-yeon totally owns the role of Jae Hee. Maybe they can walk down the path together then?

This certainly is an emotional powerhouse of an episode, with Maru and Jae-hee coming to some rdamacrazy and sometimes frustrating realizations about themselves and how they relate to each other. I was kind of taken a back as well on that scene because Maru was feeling all dramacraxy all over again.

The guy is an enigma. She wouldn’t have become the terrible monster he says she is. As for the why, Jae-hee proposes a deal. Also, these guys need lessons from Mi-ho and Woong-ah- “I love you, so I’m not going to die and you shouldn’t either.

Their relationship has also ibnocent almost full circle as well. It’s like when you let a friend drive drunk and he gets into an accident.

Okay, I’m done ranting.