I’m not saying the women aren’t crazy, I’m saying pretty much every character on this show is batshit insane. It was focused, tight, and broke down exactly why the laws are complete and utter nonsense. Which honestly speaks to the same problems I had with how the big honking conspiracy against Will played out. We watch season 2, episode 19 of The West Wing. I was more bothered by her shirt being wetter than it was after she had been initially splashed. Worst reviewer on this website. I did not llike the reference to Sex and the City. Yes, the melodrama is a tad on the overbearing side, but that’s a flaw I’m willing to overlook in light of all the things it does right.

Each one of those things he said right before the “T-bomb” were ALL things that we hate that the Taliban ideology encompasses, and yet people are fine with the Tea Part doing exactly the same thing. Neither of them sound sane to me. Olivia Munn has given Sloan a dignity that I’m not sure is even on the page, so it’s troubling to see that she was mostly an afterthought late in the season. Okay, now that’s a god damn episode review right there. Olivia has done really well with the little she has been given. One, I will add, that changed direction after the first half of the season. Sometimes it’s funny too.

If Sorkin was an unknown, someone that didn’t have the West Wing to live up to, I doubt the show would have been judged so harshly. But with TMI now apparently being shut down, I’m not certain we’re ever going to hear from her again. This is why I suppose at the end of the day the show is simply worth watching despite the relative flaws. The same article Will commissioned to have written by Mackenzie’s ex-boyfriend, in the hopes of having him become the young eatch who told all the people about the valor and majesty of Camelot.

I would like to know why you did not write your article, leave it overnight, read it over have somone else read it over! Or, actually, because they never had the evidence at all. Why is it that in the Newsroom he has seemingly forgotten how ss01e10 write a strong female character?


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It does so many things right: A lot of intense, utterly unfocused bashing of the Tea Party. In some ways, it’s just doing the opposite of that West Wing episode: I completely agree with this episode being a shameless, mean-spirited rant. To you it usually is.

I loved McAvoys hate of what the republican party has become it is something that has pissed me off the last 10 years, taking advantage of the Christian faith who are usually poor to get them into power to help the rich folk of the USA.

Take a good look at the males on this show. However, as much as anyone agrees or disagrees with the political ideology, the show overstepped the line with the “American Taliban” bull.

That has value for the characters as far as I can tell. Will went through everyone in 30 seconds. We analyze the show as drama, historical time capsule, and use it as a lens to view our current world. I think that’s enough. Maggie told Lisa this, which Lisa was not happy about. There were times this season that I thought I had enough of this show, with the very prolonged and I think unnecessary love plot lines between Maggie and Jim, when they had the drawn out Coldplay montage and some of the out of place comedic moments that would fit in to a Two and a Half Men episode.

I want her to be fun and likable, not insane and, well, more insane. He, like Sam Waterston and Olivia Munn, just didn’t have enough to do this season.

And reading the review and comments adds to the fun.

Watch Fortitude Season 1 Episode 10

We watch season 2, episode 19 of The West Wing. It’s about being constantly asked “What do you think?

One more gripe is the female characters on the show. Will spent much of this week recovering in the hospital and debating whether or not he watchh even bother to come back to News Night.


That’s the main point of the show. They spend about half the time of each episode on that. He felt like the “greater fool” that the Newsweek article called him, and tue took a rotating volley of News Night staffers mostly headed up by Mackenzie to eventually push him back to the news desk.

You probably didn’t, though, since Will spelled that metaphor out at least three times this week. Oh, and I think Will’s character was miscast sorry Jeff!

Men in Trees S01E10

She’s now almost the very best thing about this show. In the end, Will and Mac still have unresolved issues; Jim and Maggie went through an ordeal for falling for each other; Sloane is still single and awkward, so really, these women maybe crazy, but they don’t have blissful lives either, they have to work for it.

I don’t doubt for a second those two were, and still are in a way, a couple.

Granted, afaik that Tea Party hasn’t bombed anything or directly killed anyone. Worst reviewer on this website. With the Lansings in check and Will all hellfire and brimstone again, News Night did the show it’d been aching to do for 15 months. I’ll stick around for the second season to see what the writing staff changes did to the show though Would anyone else like to comment on this? Onlinne too bad, because there are so many good ideas in The Newsroom. Oversikt Musikk Video Lister.

I look forward to season 2 quite a bit!!!! The Newsroom is now at rest, and while there are certainly loose ends to tie up come next season, the biggest, and arguably many of the most annoying plot points have been put to bed. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.