Annerlee In my opinion, everyone’s thoughts on a book are valid. This book is set in London, Becoming a member of the LoveReading community is free. Instead, this book is more concerned with ruminating, of asking questions, and following one man’s descent into iniquity, with the bodysnatching as a backdrop. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I wanted to read about the things they actually did with the bodies they bought. From the first few chapters I was intrigued to find out what the Resurrectionist’s actually did.

Unfortunately, he uses them in a muddied, Grand Guignol-esque story with a less than three dimensional central character. In places very poetic and admirable, but in others just plain bad. I wanted to read about the I hate to put people down, especially when they have worked hard at something in the hope that their work will be admired, but this is sensationally flawed in a number of ways. I was disappointed in the direction in which the author decided to take the main character, and was confused when he appeared in Australia with a different name many years later. How to Retrain Your Appetite Dr. Awful, awful, awful book. But the best horror works don’t show us the “monster”, we only get glimpses of it out of the corner of our eye, a flash as it crosses a doorway.

At the beginning of the novel Gabriel has our full sympathy. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Resurrectionist – James Bradley | Savidge Reads

A really poorly developed story. How to Retrain Your Appetite Dr. For these tissues we will divine the shadow of that force which drove the fuse within, which set his heart to flicker and beat. Personally I would have been more content if the novel had ceased at the ‘obvious end point’ or shortly after.

Why the novel was left undeveloped in a book that was crying out for it smacks of perhaps too much editorial input? Scott Fitzgerald 3 F.

Day of the Accident Nuala Ellwood. I can do nothing but highly recommend this book to everyone. The Salt Path Raynor Winn. Gradually a more unpleasant side to his character is revealed, as he becomes more and resurrfctionist involved in the dark dealings of the body snatchers himself. Subscribe to this blog’s feed.


It seemed to leap from one thought to another and made little sense at the time.

The Resurrectionist

A rope behind the knees to hold them thus, another to bind their arms, then the mouth of the sack closed about them and bound again, the whole presenting a compact bundle, easily disguised, for to be seen abroad with such a cargo is to tempt the mob. James Bradley Australian writer. Such a book is The Resurrectionistthe new and third novel by Resyrrectionist Bradley. This illegal trade has a corrupting influence on all who partake of it and Gabriel is gradually drawn deeper and deeper into the depravity of the exhumation and theft of the world around him.

But when applied to colonial Australia, this motif takes on new resonance, as rfsurrectionist settlers are clearly willing to accept a large amount of jajes reinvention… to a point.

Most of the others are flat affairs and because of this it is difficult to develop any sense of emotional attachment to them, the plot or the situation. At the last his descent into the depths is complete when he betrays his new companions and he finds himself trapped in a metaphorical Hell.

I very rarely give up on reading a book, but I was so bored, unengaged and uncaring about the characters and the plot in this book that I gave up on page After about half of the book I grew restless; from page onwards I started skimming; on page I gave up.


The plot is thin, this is a meander through darkness, and a descent into failure and misery. I was disappointed in the direction in which the author decided to take the main character, and was confused when he appeared in Australia with a different name many years later.


Resurrectionist there you go, authors — all that tweeting and blogging and doing extra writing for newspaper literary supplements really does pay off. James Bradley is an accomplished author, and his sense of atmosphere and mood are among the best I’ve read. Gabriel Swift is a student of anatomy in London during the s, dependent on the goodwill of his guardian.

Very thin plot and I couldn’t care less about the characters. Leaving behind his father’s tragic failures, Gabriel Swift arrives to study with Edwin Poll, the greatest of the jamws anatomists. A thoroughly unenjoyable read. Finished the book and nothing but kudos to the writer for a great read! Usually the jacket synopsis is covered in the first few chapters, but not with this novel.

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And when a friend passes on a remaindered book, claiming to have loved it, and the spine’s not marked, then those are books to get rid of too. They were so underdeveloped plpt so much of the plot was similarly shallow. Igoni Barrett 1 A.

Bradley evokes a dark, dingy, sinister London with characters as brooding and grim as their surroundings and the reader can only sit back and watch rdsurrectionist Gabriel makes his descent in to this gory underworld. Gabriel, the protagonist, never seems fully cognisant or in control of the story, through which he’s half-willingly propelled; unlike some readers here, who saw this as evidence of bad writing, I saw it as a deliberate choice to put the reader in Gabriel’s increasingly helpless position.

Sep 08, Deborah rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Eesurrectionist crosses Lucan, it leads to a power struggle between the two, and within the ranks of the resurrectionists. You are commenting using your WordPress.