Different people have different tastes. Detail helps people visualize the entire scene and helps them get more involved with the story. The Prince heard about her niceness and let her walk in his private garden full of pigs. She got many medals for her goodness, and she always wore them pinned to her dress. Sage is shocked, however, when she secretly learns that Josef was not Reiner Hartmann after all. The aunts story was a plain, boring story.

Munro, is known for his satire and how he made fun of traditional values taught to children. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use the corner. Read the study guide:. The bachelor answered, because the mother of the prince had a dream where he would either die from a sheep or a clock so the prince had no sheep in the park and no clocks in the house. The author has a very unique thought of what he thinks is a good story. The plot was also not predictable.

I think that the children thought the story that the bachelor told was good because it was interesting. Sappleton is crazy from sadness, when Mrs. There was also a wolf in the park that was trying to eat her. Then she witnessed a wolf trying to find a pig to eat.

They clashed again and the wolf found the girl, dragged her out of the bush, and devoured ever last bit of her.

The Storyteller (Jodi Picoult) Summary & Study Guide

After all other members of Minka’s family were murdered, she ended up in Auschwitz, where her knowledge of German gained her a job in the office of Franz Hartmann, an administrator at the camp and not nearly as innately cruel as his brother Reiner. A Spark of Light. His nervous personality convinces Vera that he is the perfect victim for her joke.

Published by Kristin Spake Modified over 4 years ago. Still wearing her medals and shaking because she is so scared her medals kept clinging together and soon the wolf detected the sound.

View a FREE sample. Minka also tells Sage and Leo that in an effort to keep herself and other inmates sane, she wrote a lengthy story involving a young woman, two very different brothers, and a number of mythical creatures, using the only paper she has — the backs of photos she takes from the belongings of dead prisoners.


It did end up eating here but all the pigs escaped without getting eaten.

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The author did a very good job at telling the story. But, in this story the good girl dies and no one thought that the good girl would die because she was good.

I also think that the kids thought the story the bachelor told was good because it was better than all the other ones they diagrqm heard from there aunt. Their relatively peaceful relationship is challenged, however, when Reiner kills Minka’s best friend in cold blood and Franz saves her Minka’s life by beating her savagely and sending her away before Reiner can kill her too.

This story is one story inside the other. She then was caught in a problem when the prince let her walk around plto his garden. In all other stories the person gets rewarded so this is a twist and it makes the story all the more interesting.

The author thinks that if you add some suspense tye a story it makes a good story. He further surprises the Jewish Sage by first asking her to forgive him and then asking her to help him die.

Comment Name Email Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. After some initial doubts, Minka agrees to tell her story to Sage and Leo.

The Storyteller (Jodi Picoult) Summary & Study Guide

It was interesting and had suspense. Sign Up or Sign In. Nuttell does not know her aunt well before she creates her fictional tale about her aunt and the open window. A predictable story is a boring story. Everyone liked her and knew she was so perfect.

Sage immediately contacts the police, who put her in touch with Leo Stein, a thirty-seven year-old divorced attorney with the Department of Justice and passionate hunter of former Nazis.

The aunts story was a plain, boring story. Get an answer for ‘In te StoryTeller,” by Saki, what do these words of the aunt mean “You have undermined the effect of years of careful teaching”?

The story just showed what everyone should do. The zaki uses amazing detail and the kids were transfixed by them and they were imagining the scene. Nuttell is horrified, and his imagination runs wild. Settings Themes and Motifs Styles. It was about someone who did something good and got rewarded but while she was in the park she got eaten by a wolf.


The author has a very unique thought of what he thinks is a good story. The story the bachelor told the children was about a horribly perfect little girl. Narration is storytelling literary, verbal Narration is storytelling literary, verbal. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Storyteller Jodi Picoult.

Sappleton announces the return of the men from their hunting trip, and Mr. While in the park she saw pigs and no flowers. Another thing that makes a story interesting is detail. Sage’s life changes when she meets and becomes friends with ninety-five year old Josef Weber, a former German teacher and baseball coach beloved by the community.

Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use the corner. His reputation, however, is the main reason she is shocked when he confesses that he was an officer in Hitler’s army and took part in the mass murders of Jews and other undesirables.

One of the things that the author thinks makes a good story is that it has to be something new. Skip to toolbar Log In Search. It can not be a story that the kids have heard a million times before. The bachlors story was the opposite.

“The Open Window” Saki (H.H. Munro).

Munro, is known for his satire and how he made fun of traditional values taught to children. Nuttell does think he has seen a ghost. She describes an idyllic childhood in Poland that gradually disintegrated into horror as the Nazis moved all the Jews into ghettos and eventually to concentration camps.

The wolf heard it and followed the sound. The next day, Sage goes to Josef’s house with Diagra, who is not surprised to find that such an elderly man has died.