Love is secondary to power for these characters, and we got a short but revealing scene which showed where the true power currently resides in Westeros. Tags game of thrones. Episode 2 of The White Queen is episode is extremely fast-paced and essentially flies through the s. The way he sighs and tries to gamely go through the motions with Sansa and Cersei, only to be sighed at or brusquely set aside, has been utterly brilliant. I will not give up the lands I have seized, the strongholds I have taken. For those of us more inclined towards attractive men, unfortunately Theon was merely shirtless. I realized the full extent of her daddy issues when Margaery took her arm and called her sister, and it immediately led to a threatening story about Tywin slaughtering a rival family like the Tyrells.

But I get the distinct feeling that when the Hound and Arya arrive at their destination, it will be scene-of-the-season material. Then, when apparently all she needed was to slap a few harmless leeches on the boy, she seduces him, ties him up and puts one of them on his manhood. Cancel reply Comment Name Email Website. And yes, Liam Cunningham has been exceptional as The Onion Knight, one of the best-written and best-acted characters on the show. He was so close to capturing a baby, but he had to show off and leave the fat one alive. The Norse also used castration as a form of forced birth control. In other violence, not only was that bear genuinely terrifying, it got in more than a few good clawings on Brienne. Robb Stark got to actually have a sex scene with the beautiful Talisa, and this was pretty much an equal opportunity nude-fest, with both partners showing off everything but their frontal nether regions.

‘Game of Thrones’: Did Losing His Manhood Help Theon Find His Manhood For Good?

I Googled it, and there seems to be no consensus. This week, unlike last, I think the clouds parted so we could see the top of the mountain, and really feel the anticipation of the final sprint.


Or just for fun, since the better Greyjoys have vowed themselves to Daenerys and her army of unsullied, what say we pair Theon with a noble warrior mentor able to make war but not love in Greyworm? And that no penises will be harmed in the making of Episode 9.

Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 7 – The Bear and the Maiden Fair – Simon’s Incoherent Blog

Quiet in the back! Mind you, Richard Madden did get dressed ish afterwards, while Oona Chaplin spent the rest of the scene lying nude on the bed. Watch the first episode here. That he could be the victor at the end of the fight. Some historians theorize that Viking raids stemmed from food shortages in Scandinavia.

Tyrion, though, cares a great deal. The Norse also used castration as a form of forced birth control.

And, soon thereafter, cockless. And for the first time since his capture by the Boltons, Theon gets a legion—albeit a small one—of men to accept him as a leader. Balon peers in the box and has to steady himself very slightly against the chair. After his least awkward conversation with Gilly last night, he proved himself brave enough to take on—and defeat—one of the White Walkers.

Thanx to Criss for correcting the terminology. Reply January 6, Criss. Reply May 29, George Greene. And while I have no quibbles with your Penis-Related Violence Scale, I really, really hope we can finish the season without revisiting it. It seems not even this show will explicitly show a man getting his penis cut off perhaps thankfully.

It turned out he was right to worry about this; Shae was very far from happy, and not shy about letting Tyrion know it. I somehow like Sam even more for that.

And, this line sums up the Viking-esque Ironborn culture perfectly. Stories from the Norse sagas often refer to penises. The Vikings and the Norse, which George RR Martin has acknowledged he drew upon when creating the Ironborn, fiercely guarded their virility, which was intertwined with their freedom and military prowess, and likely saw castration as the ultimate emasculation.


Last night he humiliated Tyrion by taking away the stepping stool, and then, with his hideous leer, threatened to rape Sansa on her wedding night. Or at least his mission to episod rescue Yara, anyway. Sansa Stark is certainly unlikely to love him, as he well knows. Something to keep an eye on, anyway. Reply December 16, Jaime Adair.

Some Vikings raped forcibly sodomized and then castrated the men they defeated. The characters that survive in this show always develop in some form, but the development can be toward the deep or shallow end. For Theon, his sexuality is linked with his identity as Ironborn: Tywin has taken to holding Small Council meetings in his own residence, with Joffrey not even invited.

And, according to historians, they equated being sodomized with passivity.

Very humanitarian, to be sure; but is she really so unconcerned with her actual aim of taking back the Iron Throne?

The Norse viewed people as falling into two camps: Asha does not seduce Theon in Winterfell, but Osha does. The way he sighs and tries to gamely go through the motions with Sansa and Cersei, only to be epixode at loees brusquely set dpisode, has been utterly brilliant. Last night he just seemed more like a little shit. Under Icelandic laws recorded between andtwo laws in the Konungsbok allowed castration in certain circumstances.

Nice biblical catch on Melisandre and the Abraham-Isaac parallel. A GoT season is like a mountain stage at the Tour de France—sprint at the beginning for position, settling into a rhythm for the mountains, and another sprint at the end.