Brawl Wii – YouTube”. June 14, — February 24, April 7, — June 3, [Note 7]. Tri Force Heroes [81]. Jelly Fresh – Duration: Things get a little heated when a lovely three eyed beauty joins the mix Twice the Canadian shows to power Jon’s mojo! The Weakest Link – Duration:

Now here on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! Smells Like Team Spirit – Duration: Use mdy dates from January Will anyone be able to afford this Star? Mother [19] [Note 1]. Did your favourite moment make the list?

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Dokapon Kingdom – Episode 67: Bishop of Greenland

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The Runaway Guys / Epic Fail – TV Tropes

National Deficit TheRunawayGuys 9 meses. Super Mario 64 DS [40].

His inaugural Let’s Play of EarthBound is so far the first and only game Rosales-Birou has Let’s Played twice once inthe second in to possibly coincide with the 10th anniversary of making Let’s Plays on his channel.


Video was kintdom off my Pixel using Dolphin Emulator Did your favourite moment make the list? Gateway to Death – Duration: But there’s a catch A Link to the Past — Episode 8: Kirby’s Dream Course [76].

In adolescence, Rosales-Birou developed a fear of roller coasters after the Disney Thunder Mountain derailing, claiming to have been next in line for the ride. Retrieved from ” https: The great reign of A Link to the Past — Episode 6: Final segment of the game Dokapon Kingdom on the Wii including the final distribution of rewards and the wedding scene for a female character.


Patiently Challenged – Duration: We take the show to Canada with some fancy lights! Fortune Street [61] [Note 9]. The anger goes global! First try even, I was expecting to have to reload the save.

The new season premiers with two new categories! Mother 3 [22] [Note 3]. Gonna take the right Duel to change the future!


Eye Sore – Duration: Holy crap, it’s happening!!! Partners in Time [52].

Retrieved January 9, A return to this Kingdom means rabbits raining from the skies, Chugga selling his soul, and Jon going on shopping sprees! He has since produced 37 solo Let’s Plays, and his content has been cited as a family-friendly alternative to more vulgar Let’s Players, as well as being cited as one of the most influential. The Rod and Mushroom – Duration: A Link to the Past — Episode 9: Retrieved November 20, We pull the sword from the pedestal, finishing the first section of the game and the first of many times this will be done!

Super Mario 3D World [72].