This is only a problem in the second half of season 1, and especially affects the five episodes which comprise the mini-series Lion-O’s Anointment , which are split up throughout the latter half of the season, when the stories featured are supposed to occur on consecutive days. The Mutants are looking for a “feminine touch” around Castle Plun-darr and attempts to capture natives of the 3rd Earth. Wily-kit and Wily-kat find a magic harp containing a genie. Capt Bragg tricks Wilykat in going with him and they first go after the Mutants. They must rely on a normal size Snarf to help them defeat the robot. Possessed by the power of the Golden Sphere of City, the ThunderKittens get greedy, and let the power of the orb overcome them. Barney Cohen and Jules Bass. Although there is little in the way of major continuing storyline running through ThunderCats , certain creatures reoccur and clips from other episodes are employed.

Wizz-Ra returns from the 7th dimension once every years, this time he enters Cat’s Lair through a mirror in Cheetara’s room. Fed up of feeling useless Wilykat convinces his twin to run away from home, but living on their own is more dangerous than they realized. It is a rugged all-terrain vehicle with many attachments including a drill, claws, and a crushing mouth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tass comes back from getting his Guardsman, giant stone-men , and has them attack the Thundercats. The ThunderCats [2] must find a new home after their home planet, Thundera, [3] explodes. The ThunderCats race to try to salvage the part they need for the Feliner from the wreck of the Rat Star before the Mutants can complete repairs.

User Polls Who’s your favourite animated male lion? Lion-O and the ThunderKittens have their first run-in with a Lunatac and Bengali’s skills as a blacksmith come in handy. When Lion-O goes after it, he finds himself face to face with a man of the mountain whom he must fight.

Vulture Man builds a robot called the Wolfrat, which uses a miniaturization gas that reduces the ThunderCats to 9 inches high.

Thundercats – 091 – Thundercubs! Part I

Full Cast and Crew. While taking care of a dangerous Suspension Capsule, [24] dug up near Cats Lair, Lion-O is exposed to harmful gasses inside which cause him grow younger.


The Lunatacs look for Thundrylium [19] in a cave on Hook mountain only to be driven mad by a strange creature who turns them against each other. While exploring, the ThunderKittens stumble across an old temple where their curiosity gets the best of them and they release a demon.

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Mumm-Ra and his enemy Zaxx. It’s up to the Thundercats to find a way to overcome their fears and defeat this monster.

Larry Carroll and David Carren. They refuse to let the Trolligs eat the leaves off those bushes unless they bring them Ro-Bear Berbil fruit. Lion-O is captured by very small creatures who see him as a threat to their village, and disable Cats Lair and the Thundertank.

The Feliner returns from New Thundera with a mysterious bracelet. Ma-Mutt fools around too much and Mumm-Ra banishes him from the Pyramid.

Willa is captured by the Mutants so Tygra makes himself and Nayda invisible to infiltrate castle Plun-darr, not knowing the consequences. It’s a goat-like creature who gets more powerful as others fear him.

The Thundercats on New Thundera receive a distress signal from Thunderian refugees trying to find their way to New Thundera. With the others forced fhundercubs sleep capsules, Jaga must pilot the ship for the world known as Third Earth [5] And Lion-O, just a young boy, must learn what it means to become a man and Lord of the Thundercats as thuundercubs learns to wield the power of the Sword of Omens.

Grune finds and fights them, breaks the Sword of Omens, and then he chains them up on the Churning Rocks. Chilla voice Doug Preis The Mutants seize the opportunity and wreak havoc on the other Thundercats who do not know where Lion-O is. It became the home of the ThunderCats after Episoxe was destroyed and is the setting for most of the series.

But before he leaves, he breaks the cord that holds the Gyroscope above the pit and it falls through. The Mutants arrive and Mumm-Ra has them lure the Thundercats to a strange place where, except for Lion-O, they are all transformed into child versions of themselves.


Snarf, who was hiding, gathers the pieces of the Sword to take back to Bengali to be fixed. The Mutants seize an opportunity and the kids escape, but the weapons are now in the hands of the Mutants and the kids will have to confess to Lion-O what they did to gain his help in retrieving them. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Snarf gets captured by Char, a thief who wants the Sword for himself.

A bored galactic conqueror comes to Third Earth to battle Mumm-Ra. Eposode goes into the Book of Omens to learn how to defeat Mumm-Ra.

Thundercubs: Part IV

Fed up of feeling useless Wilykat convinces his twin to run away from home, but living on their own is more dangerous than epiosde realized. From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite thunderctas from the Oscars.

After capturing them, they go to capture the Lunataks. Lion-O meets the Unicorn Keepers rhundercubs and then sets out to free Snarf from his captors. Quotes [ first lines ] Mumm-Ra: Lion-O finds what looks like a spaceship’s escape pod, he opens it and inadvertently releases the galactic convicts Quickpick, Burnout and Plutar.

Two-Time uses a hologram to make the EI’s ship crash into a mountain, and then when the Thundercats come to rescue the EI in the Feliner, Two-Time uses the hologram again.

Thundercats – – Thundercubs! Part I – video dailymotion

Mumm-Ra disguises himself as an injured Berbil to infiltrate Cats Lair. This is also the first appearance of Vultureman. And Snarf learns that true courage comes from within. A ship in trouble tries to thundecrats the ThunderCats for help using Cheetara’s sixth sense. He finds a disk containing ancient history hhundercubs two powerful evil forces on Third Earth: A frog robot swallows Wilykit.

All the Thundercats leap through the signal which takes them through the force field.