On the one hand, JH is this really cool person, coming from the US, being a super athlete etc, on the other hand, JH is this really ditzy and clumsy person who’d trip over her own feet, while being feminine to a fault at least, if the things Sulli has been doing the birthday cream!!! The Chivalrous Helper Format: Watch full episodes of I Am: Anyway I guess I mean leaving you with more questions that answers so if you guys have any insights feel free to leave a comment. While drying himself with a towel, Jae-hee notices his ripped pants. Eun-gyul asks his roommate to be a sport grumble and Hyun-jae looks at him like, Whatever, dude. Eun-Gyeol is in his room and he remembers not being able to mouth to mouth and sighs. In the twelfth episode of the series, which will air on September 20, Min Ho and Sulli go down to the country to do volunteer work together.

It revolves around a proud and dominant, Nigar, who Thanks for the recap. Kim Ian Supporting Cast. Seung-Ri is sitting with other dorm leaders and they are discussing that Jae-Hee is good at English and Seung-Ri says that there is a track and field competition coming up in there school and that he will need their help and that it will even be televised. She totally doesn’t look like she’s a good runner. Lemme clarify that I don’t hate Sulli. And all Hyun-jae has to do to honor their deal is to beat Tae-joon in an upcoming competition. She notices the fixed light and smiles since the darkened pathway spooked her before.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. That is how important the writers have made her personality. Of course Apollo was angry. Lemon September 24, at 8: Unfortunately, reeds grew at the re-filled hole.


Sherry September 25, at 2: When she saw Tae-Joon and he said sng are another name for effort then she started to believe in them for the first time. So Midas had no choice but to let the barber see them, but not without swearing the poor man to secrecy.

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It’s much better that way! The only saving grace for me is Eun Kyul and seeing him go through heartache is too much.

Hmm – wonder if he’s feeling threatened by Eun Gyul so he’s gonna go the beast route? Eun-gyul continues to be the heart of this show, and I love his every scene. Mama J September 24, at Mm, hard to tell because in these past two episodes all of those expressions look pretty darn similar. But he cannot avoid not having his hair trimmed.

To the Beautiful You

Choi Minho Main Cast. Like DUDE, if you ask her like that, she’s totally gonna stay a guy for the rest of her life. Tae-Joon is cleaning up the gym and putting everything away. Eun-gyul finds Jae-hee sitting outside, unable to fall asleep.

Beautiful You Korean Drama Ep 6 Eng Sub

A scientist who abandoned his two She really really can’t act. It’s better in my book. So, basically she’s nothing without sports and she can’t ever move on.

Thank goodness, at least we got to see some hot abs! You can say it’s good she’s not stick-thin like other actresses, but what I’m saying is that with her built, it’s so clear that she’s a girl – from her hips and thighs to her chest area.

She started to join track and stood up to people instead of hiding away. Tae-Joon goes drammacrazy his house and he imagines his mom sitting in the yard.


I’ll have to see how she does in her next project. I am curious to see her tackle more complex roles, because for a rookie she acquitted herself well in HK3, despite how poorly written and undeveloped her character was. If I were Jae Hee I would have focused in on him day one and forgotten all about those other two! She does seem to start to make a connection and in the bathroom, Tae-joon wonders if Eun-gyul confessed his feelings for Jae-hee.

Beautiful you korean drama ep 6 eng sub

But for me it’s She shrugs it off and then Seung-ri awkwardly switches back into jondae. NN September 24, at And all Hyun-jae has to do to honor their deal is to beat Tae-joon in an upcoming competition. Firstly I am not sure how Tae-Joon got the presentation from Jae-Hee I am assuming that she must have sent it to him but it is never mentioned.

Without Kim Woo Bin, the drama went down a notch again Jae-Hee asks how his date went and he says that Dong-Mu already fell in love with him. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

dramaacrazy Everyone gets to work and the boys do their best to carry the heavier loads for Jae-hee. However, he had to shoot the scene, in which Sulli pours ice cold water on his back, in the evening when the weather got cooler. Episode 12 by LollyPip.