By the way, maybe that’s why they tend to dress Onew like a girl?! You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. This made me LOL. Moreover, it became apparent that the writing was enough to drive me completely batty at times okay, most times. Were they together, going steady, under mutual agreement, what? Is this my form of midlife crisis? Just then, a white convertible pulls up right in front of her.

All the kisses in the drama were “surprise” kisses and they were cute. I really enjoyed your writing and always looked forward reading them. Thank you for making our days lovely, Gummimochi. Awww, no comical Doc-admirer. This is becoming a bit of a situation. I had to rewatch that part because it was so funny! Honestly, I think I might have to search out for a place for us to join, haha. Thanks for your wonderful recaps!

In terms of acting, Lee Hyun-woo and Kang Ha-neul drove these characters off the page and into our hearts.

How do I luff thee Kim Woo-bin? Johnny is going to give them a ride back to school when Tae-Joon gets a text from his manager saying that she wants to talk about him going to Canada. Makes him look a bit cool. I think Jae Hee just doesn’t see herself as a boy magnet, unlike another girl in this show. A surprise appearance from Jung-hoon gets Jae-hee in trouble for speaking in banmal in class. Who’s gonna do it better right??

SHINee has also gained another fangirl due to this drama. In the manga, Ashiya does find her way into Sano’s bed not once, but several times, and I was wondering if they’d ever go there. So Gilbert and Akita got mashed-up into Jung-hoon. Because she is pretty clumsy and innocent. The part part of the whole drama was when Julien Kang was making Jae-hee and Doc both uncomfortable. I know, it’s awful! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: That boy is so perfect. At times I got the doc vibe from him – he gave more advices to the main characters than the actual doc lol.


Seung-ri steps outside with Eun-gyul and is boiling mad — who else knows about Jae-hee? Love that the Korean version’s beginning to make its identity. Btw, where’s Kwang Hee Jong Min.

If you need to enrich your brain, then watching dramas is not the way. Should we have a support group or something? Gummi, your comment “I don’t need s’more” made my day. She adored Sangchu more just look at the farewell time.

To The Beautiful You engsub

Hehe I’m not sure of this but I thought that bit was actually possible. Sigh I did love ep You will receive a link hhe create a new password via email.

I only wish we’d seen more of that side of him. They are both pretty Cause for me it still seems so random the way he was behaving before the big-she’s-a-girl-secret came out, like he already knew it.

Episode 10

He’s so epixode when he gets jealous. Had it not been for shinee visuals, I wouldn’t have sat through this drama. John Kim confirmed to her that the boy is indeed a girl.

Their hard-work at school will be gone to waste. My favorite characters are Sano and Nanba sorry, Nakatsu. Yup, looks like Jong-min is the equivalent of Nakao, but isn’t he supposed to become a good friend of Ashiya’s?


Hyun-jae gives him one final warning that the meet is about to begin. Pleassseee, there’s a 3: Yonghwa is my ultimate bias cuz hes got everything, looks, awesome singing voice, humour and personality, talent and he’s SUCH an oppa. Julien Kang Supporting Cast. For the greater good and all that Episodes by odilettante. beaufiful

Tae-joon gets called away to the agency, leaving Jung-hoon to drive Jae-hee back to school. She flashbacks to her asking him to help her with the paperwork to get into the beauiful. Cast him in a lead role, please drama gods!!! But like I said before, the maknae Sungjong is getting to be pretty close. I don’t know why people don’t get it He tucks her in and smiles that her email to Coach Holton must have worked.

What I liked about this drama is its light-spirited atmosphere, and that the main leads were sooo pretty. I watched it to get my does of pretty two times a week. She shuts down his idea to come for a quick visit, reminding him about his meet. But too in love with Min Ho and his smouldering eyes that I haven’t got there yet. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: We flashback to when Jae-hee dropped by his studio, epjsode for his help.

Why did the catwalk doc so little screen time???