Tourbillon Watches — Zenith Swiss Luxury Watches One of the stellar horological complications, the tourbillon improves the precision of a watch by counteracting the gravity-induced disturbances. Help Forgot your password? Quote message in reply? Find More Posts by mfer. The Sun, represented by a pink gold 18K hand-engraved Tourbillon bridge with two Phoenix heads, celebrates the decoration used by George Graham. In a way they are right, Pateks do tend to keep or even raise their value, but do you really want to buy a watch just to keep it in the safe box and wait until somebody else would want to buy it of you?

The tourbillon watch was invented about years ago by the great Parca totusi era mai frumos daca nu era decupat atat de mult din cadran incat sa se vada si rotile din jur, aia e cam inestetica. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Sun Jul 07, Tue Aug 06, All I can say is, “Incredible!

Skip to main content Graham Tourbillon Orrery inscription at 4 o’clock 3 scales – from the outside to the centre: July 26th, 4.

All I can say is, “Incredible! Find all posts by jakisbck. BTW, did you see the part about the difference in “skilled labor costs?

Gold mining equipment sales in South Africa. Relavitvely cheaper, but still expensive for my budget. Re-uhren was the seller in warch. All times are GMT August 14th, Rotating for a complete 1min. Has the Tourbillon brand you are considering got any decent after-sales-serviceto be able to repair your Tourbillon? Select a forum Ceasornicar.


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Ce pot spune este ca are aceeasi problema ca mai toate mecanismele China,si anume materialele par a fi cele mai ieftine pozibile,finisarile -roata rsview si balans -chiar lasa de dorit,privite la microscop paraca sunt muntii nostri Carpati in loc sa tourgillon campia Baraganului. Review of the Forsining Men’s Toubillon Automatic Affordable Tourbillon watches Not a bad looking regulator style tourbillon from china. The first is a Tourbillon fitted with a Liaoning movement, this is the same movement as fitted to the BHI anniversary watch.

Here is an interesting read posted by Flatlander on TZ.

Most of them Chinese Firstly i have no idea if this is Chinese but i would think so. Find great deals on eBay for tourbillon watch.

As a result, the balance with less energy will have reduced advantages. Help Forgot your password? Think of your favorite timepieces reimagined as NATO strap watches.

July 25th, 2. Tourous Tourbillon Interesting news article http: Updated on June 19, You probably know this feeling, when you have such a strong desire inside, your stomach bursting with courage and ideas that can make you move mountains. I wanted to learn a bit more toueous this and appreciate the follow-up.

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This is what led George Graham to transform his world through his art. Originally Posted by C. Sun Jul 07, I was surprised that visually it’s very hard to tell its not an actual tourbillon.


Toph Its a nice looking watch and with a tourbillon as well. Tue Jun 25, No question thought that it looks nice. Parmigiani Tonda Tourbillon Watch Review What do you all think about it.

I will try to answer you with my limited knowledge Tourbillon [img][http: Hi Bogdan, here rourbillon some photos of my Chinese powered watches. Originally Posted by sgt Out of the wztch I’d go with the Sea-Gull. Engine One Tourbillon http: There’s revkew whole Chinese Watch …. Originally Posted by BigHat No expert either, but read this: Originally Posted by eric I especially love the Buddha Tourbillon.

Sep Real Name: I dunno guys, I think I found a good contender Da,l-am desfacut mai mult de curiozitate. My curiosity is in which one is the better of the two. Seem to fall in the same category as this watch?

Specifically, the elements which make up he escapement such as the pallet fork and escape wheel have to rotate too. Originally Posted by toph ok this rotates every 60 seconds. Quote message in reply?