Snow machines, Snow guaranted Ski hire Adults and children s downhill and cross country skiing equipment available for hire for the day. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. They offer a range of packages adapted to people of all ages and abilities, and to participants physical condition. Apleasantlittletrailleadsuptothetower which is built on a promontory overlooking the city. A truly unique experience, definitely not to be missed! A great many hikersmaketheefforttowalkfor quite a distance to get here, in order to spend a few moments soakinginthebeneficialenergies of the place and to savour a moment of contemplation. The building s exterior has recently been renovated.

A part of their story unfolded here and lives on today in the valley. Quinette Gallay realisations realisations. There are plans to extend the cycle path from Strasbourg to the Bruche Valley. Clover is also a member of architecture of geometric form and whose layout is done by means of three circles whose centers are placed at the top of an equilateral triangle. Closed from December to February. The hunting grounds are allocated by tender for a period of nine years district plots or for 12 years estate plots.

Breathtaking view year round. A minimum of two prior guided hunting outings are required for inexperienced hunters. There are a number of Autumn delicacies to discover, including the area s famous pork specialities, totsches potato pancakesfruit wines blueberry, etc.

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They helped arousing the legend of some ruined castle or prrogramme town. From then on it became an active sanctuary that reached its peak during the second and third century. Find an itinerary that combines all public transport options on Vialsace – www. Snow machines, Snow guaranted Ski hire Adults and children s downhill and cross country skiing equipment available for hire for the day.


Guided visits available for groups, in French and German, available on request at the tourist office: Rtefle Condition s: To learn more about Alsatian gastronomy, the Alsatian Gastronomy Guide is available at the tourist office or can be downloaded at www. Mplsheim summer and at Christmas time ask for the museum program activities. At an altitude of m, the Champ du Feu is the ideal place to learn and the practice of winter sports.

Inplans were drawn up to house the items that had been discovered during the excavations.

Tasting of 35 varieties of jams and jelly. Inmanyvillages,streetvendorsgothroughtownsellingbackedgoods,meat,fish an fresh produce.

The remains which are currently visible date back from the Gallo-Roman period, when the Donon was a popular place of worship. The Fort of Mutzig. Fully equipped kitchen Meetings room 20 seated places. This unique local character can also be noticed in the region s public holidays: The exhibit varies from one year to the next.

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Closed on Sunday evenings, Mondays and on Tuesday evenings. Closed on Tuesday evening and Wednesdays. Heavy WWI fighting took place here on August Road book Outward trip: Day-care on a occasional or regular basis, after school care and activity day camp.

The Croix de Guerre award was granted to Programmw and is shown in bronze on the monument to the fallen. Daniel Pontoreau was drawn by the bareness of this site and by its evocative name, a name he gave to programje work of art as well. Grandfontaine 36 graves including 5 Muslim graves. From the other side of the hall, a corridor featuring light and shadow effects leads the visitor to the showing of a short film about the resistancemovementbeforeheadingdowntotheKartoffelkeller thepotato cellara semi-subterranean concrete structure built by deportees at the camp.


Category A active membership status can be granted to art houses national federations or associations formed as non-profit bodies, where members resources are not mainly made up of government subsidies.

Monday and Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. Accessible to blind or partially sighted visitors. Farm-produced meat heifer, veal, rabbit, chicken, duck… programmd, homemade desserts, dairy products.

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Applications for active membership shall be submitted to the C. Accomodation The organizing committee selected three hotels and obtained preferential rates. Managed hunting program,e without a guide: Discover the valley by cycle without getting worn out try an E-bikes! Start display at page:.

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The attached details of preferential conditions. The area today offers a friendly atmosphere and a level of hospitality which is hard to beat! Therearealsoindividual graves for French soldiers including 1 Jew and 94 Muslims, in addition to 46 Common-wealth citizens.