Azrael 20 Apr So I reviewed shared settings, and apparantly when adding the path like this: I dont think bandwidth is a factor because ive only ever seen “loading” a couple times on rlly high bitrate files. Hi, you could follow this one: So I presume there is stille a config variable, or script somewhere setting it differently? After that I’m completely lost… could you fill in the blanks a little regarding how to initiate these scripts? I guess this version of Twonky is cursed. The media player is amazing in that it does NOT require a server component.

I’ll make the test Tested the different functions but now the PS3 seems to be limited in some formats playback: Dav-M 30 Dec I fear I may have overwritten version 5 files by reinstalling version 7 a few times. Then you don’t have download the new script, because ‘disabled’ is only on the old script the one for MBL. The twonky has stopped and I have a licence error message: It seems to work better than the first time I tried the update tuto. If you followd step 11 I bet its still has execute rights to stop if from being able to run do this.

Chmod to didn’t help. Matthew Kirkland 14 May livee Dav-M 15 Apr And as I mentioned in my original post the subtitle works fine with MyMedia and Playon. Dav-M 12 May Watch headings for an “edit” link when available.


Find out what you can do. FabianG89 08 Aug But I use USB drive, works fine.

Last edited on 12 May I have no experience with linux or command line etc. Just follow the guide like you have MyBook Duo.

Has anyone come across this issue or resolved it? The color of subtitle is handle on the player, not the server, Twonky just push subtitle nothing else.

I type welcOme doesn’t show anything when I type. Change the name also URL address, possibly subhitles category of the page. I also tried to move to step 2 and 3 but doesn’t work.

subtitles DLNA – Twonky vs miniDLNA vs USB vs TV model – Hacking WD MyBook World Ed

Everything is fine now, going to update my 2nd MBL. I had the same problems as the others with disconnects, once I’d made the changes in Joni Purbana 13 May Hello, I have the same problem … I installed version 7. Last edited on 18 Feb By the way, I am using the trial version of Twonky 7. Hi all, Since version 7 of the Twonky MBL no longer be on stand-by does anyone know how to solve the problem? Maybe they could fix this bug in the next release.


Unable to stream content from a My Book Live Duo while its media server is indexing files

Dav-M 09 Aug So do Twonmy after I reboot: To complety remove executables rights to old startup!!! This put my MBL as it was before with the Twonky 5.

The IP for my mybooklive is Sorry but I did use ip: Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky love version by atrodysimgerai19 Oct Oh shit, now I am stuck. Permanent Link Edit Delete.

Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by atrodysimgerai21 Oct Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by Dav-Mdubtitles Feb I cant restart the twonky as it say that no file is found.

Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by Dav-M05 Jun