Xiaoman and her team find a death at the fire scene and suspect that this case has something to do with Monkey. She warns him that he will never escape even if he kills her. Xiaoman and Langfeng give chase after Rocky but he escapes. Evidence pointed out that the time Xiaobo went missing was different from what Meiyue said. Zhirong tells Yuze he feels that Guosheng has been following him, and Yuze feels uneasy. Xiaoman tells Kuroda to work together with her to defeat Asura. Shisan accidentally kills Pimp and Zhengyi tries to help him flee.

Officer Hu Xiaoman go in search for her and discover a human trafficking ring as well. Xiaoman and Langfeng give chase after Rocky but he escapes. Xiaoman receives a call from Asura to ask for Kuroda in return for Bun and her family. Yuze suspects that his ex-girlfriend Huizhong was killed by Dylan and wants Bun to investigate his background. Andrew suspects that this may have something to do with the case 15 years ago. She was murdered during her investigations and Yuze feels that Dylan had a part to play.

Xiaoman releases Rocky and Big Little Eyes and follows them. Meanwhile, Qiujun represents Jieyu for court. Zhongxiao is wracked with guilt. Yuze has always believed that Old Cai took the money, and with Old Cai gone, Yuze can now easily leave with the money.

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But little does he realise that in her despair, she kills herself. He bribes her boyfriend to leave her. Zhengyi feels that Hongbo is suffering from delusions. Xiaoman and her team find a death at the fire scene and suspect that this case has something to do with Monkey. Xiaoman suspects the previous murder case has something to do with the Japanese triads. She wakes up to find herself tied up in an un-used, dilapidated factory.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Zhengyi gets kidnapped and Xiaoman rushes to the old building to look for her.

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Yuze, Zhirong and Andrew inriddle and pay their respects to Old Cai. Zhirong searches Yuze’s flat and is questioned by Andrew. The means that the only man left is Andrew. Hongbo tells Zhengyi that him and his sister Lelin were kidnappers in their past lives, and hence have to suffer in this life.

Jasmine has died and Xiaoman quickly tells Annie to leave Zhongxiao’s. Xiaoman catches Zhengyi but Yuze interferes.

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Dylan tells Xiaoman that he has discovered a tracking device in his home and it was Yuze who left it there. Xiaoman brings in Jieyu and accuses her of umriddle the mastermind behind all inriddle murders.

The case leaves everyone even more puzzled. He has loved Meiyue all these while, but seeing her unhappy in her marriage made him take drastic actions. Zhengyi and Xiaoman got Yuze to undergo an operation and it is a success, though Yuze’s mobility and memory has been greatly affected.

Xiaoman learns that the man who took Zhiyong away, Liu Zhiming, has been put away in a mental hospital. Xiaoman tries to capture Python and in the process, Python slips and falls to his death.


Xiaoman and Zhengyi trace Xingcheng’s last steps before he was killed. Only a patch of blood is left behind. Is Yuze actually involved? They discover that what Meiyue said did not tally to the evidence. At the top of the building, Andrew points his gun at Xiaoman, with the intention to shoot her. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Some of them return dressed as dolls. Hongbo wants to see Lelin, so that he can die with her. As she is leaving, she is attacked by Chai Zhiyong.

Xiaoman tells Jieyu that he was not as innocent as everyone thought. Xiaoman tells Unridddle to work together with her to defeat Asura. To silence Xiaoman, he uses the gun to hit her shoulder at full force, knocking her unconscious.

She discovers that over 10 years ago, there was a family tragedy that could have involved Dylan. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat They suspect Meiyue may be hiding something.

Xiaoman also discovers that Yuze unriddld down with a serious illness. Xiaoman and Yuze go to Dylan’s home to bring him in. She decides to make use of Guangming to get Dylan to make a move.

Xiaoman looks for Jieyu to try and hypnotize Dylan to obtain the truth of his background.