This amazing stance of URDU 1 deserves a lot of our appreciation as it is very rare and almost absent in other channels and media houses. Does something happened to Nazif? This has paved new ways of success for URDU 1 channel. Your father used to have a good relationship with the city council. We are gathering with friends now, I am also passing by their place. Do not worry at all.

Unfortunately, these things happen. Look, you write this in your mind, you are a good man, honest and you do not wrong anyone. They also include Tele-films comedy dramas movies All of these shows are family shows, provide entertainment, awareness, and are also worth watching. Wish Feride and I will go to your father and go down on my knees before him. They closed the sop this morning with two police officers. Got a YouTube account? Know that I will not allow you to leave me and go like this after we get married.

Having a home and feeding a family is already a difficult thing in this life. Vidpk — Pakistani Entertainment Portal. Then Ismet is not at fault.

When she overhears blonde duck having some sloppy fun with Necdet Let him be weak in the neighbourhood, in every sense of the word. Saving an old man from the gallows just touched me from inside. I am very sorry. I do not know.

Nazif baba tore himself up to pieces made his best just that I do not lower my head But, keep the package closed thus we know if he will open it or not. They are the ones that lose things and then ask for them again, and we suffer the results. My mother and Ilknur know about sewing, they will help you.


We have to do anything to convince him otherwise we will not succeed. Famous dramas on URDU 1 Urdu 1 has this given us the best ever dramas in all genres and on all the topics. I cannot get off the subject. URDU 1 is very different in this regard. Ha, we will make it in another coffee pot. The police said that the entrance of the market is not within the standards Uru do not want such a big thing though.

Flowers on top of them This behaviour of yours does not benefit Ismet at all. Because I cannot stand to have my name mentioned with a gangster.

A debt as big as this world. Look at this, still addressing me with this attitude, are you a gangster? Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: Leave me alone and I will inform you with my decision whether it is positive or negative. These dramas are unique and beyond perfect. Because I do not want my sadness and my anger to step on you. Use the following code to embed this video.

He used to know very well where there was land to acquire, and which areas can be exploited. Let us see how we can speed up this matter from 3 directions angles. Mahir, calm down please. We will open a shop for my son. But the biggest inheritance you leave your children is actually not your bakery.

Then I will take it and put it in his hands. She will not be able to lift her head from studying. Find the latest versions of supported browsers below. This franchise holds big cooking competitions all across the world. URDU 1 is one the fresh and leading channels in Pakistan.


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Would it be possible to close a big shop like this because of papers? Internet Explorer By Microsoft. Let us get through this wedding without any problems, and situate them in their house.

Bad cannot even describe it. Let us see what he will say? I promised people that I would pay them back, they believed me and trusted me.

So he will not know what to do with the press he is entering into. She’s worry about her dress and face The last shipment was also difficult, but I was able to do that without complaining. Yasin with bead-like blue eyes.

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The dramas that not only entertain but also depict the reality These performances by singers usually are thematic and have a special message in them. And in the end, in order to rescue the sons of the neighbourhood.

We were just talking and talk after talk.