View all 3 comments. Kyritsis 17 episodes, The crime of passion a bit OTT, but I felt that the first and last chapter, involving another generation of the family, was rather pointless. Fotini Aggelopoulou child 7 episodes, Kallisti Mpertaha It was a quick and enjoyable read though I think was weak in a few ways. I would like to note here that it is NOT like the “Forgotten Garden” for those of you that are not fond of time jum I enjoyed this novel so much that halfway thru it I ordered Victoria Hislop’s next book.

Set on the island of Spinalonga , off the coast of Crete , and on the village of Plaka which lies within swimming distance across the bay from it, The Island tells the story of Alexis Fielding, a year-old on the cusp of a life-changing decision. Set in the main in the small fishing village of Plaka, East Crete and the real life former leper colony island of Spinalonga, just off the coast of Plaka. The kindness and cruelty of strangers threads the tale. To kafe tis Haras — Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. The revelation is that, in Hislop’s imagination, Spinalonga is more civilised than many aspects of the mainland. On her recommendation I began to read The Island and was enthralled by it.

But it all works out in the end — Maria’s beloved moves to her hometown to marry her, and they adopt Sofia.

One of the worst books I have ever read. She explains things – emotions, plot lines – to a level where she’s beating you over the head with it and every sentence has about three adjectives too many.

Again, the extent of the secrecy is hard to swallow due to the prominence of the families involved and their subsequent actions.


The Island

View all 4 comments. Nikos Papadimitriou 25 episodes, This incident is briefly given context after it is told but no indications of the issues or the character of the individual are given previously.

The story of the leper colony on Spinalongi was clearly what drove Hislop in writing this book and the most interesting thing about it. Antonis Aggelopoulos 18 episodes, Nektarios Loukianos Fotini Aggelopoulou child 7 episodes, The subject is original, but I loved the fact the sickness itself thd the main event.

Also who was doing the cooking in the Vandoulakis household? And September seemed to last for about 6 weeks.

The Island by Victoria Hislop

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Eventually, Andreas goes by himself and Pavlos Aggelopoulos 16 episodes, Based on the novel The Island by Victoria Hislop, the series takes place on the island of Spinalonga, off the coast of Crete, and in the village of Plaka which lies within swimming distance across it.

He immediately felt passionate toward the heroine, although they’d never met.

The Island — 9. Mega Channel Greece produced a episode television series called “To Nisi” The Islandbased on the book; the series premiered on 11 October I think what really killed this book for me, more than the clicheed plot twists and cardboard characters, was the writing style.

Click here to learn about developing your own money-generating website from Solo Build It! The story is about a girl who wants to find out more about her family history, only to discover under the layers of secrecy from her mother a story of betrayal and pain, accented by so much love of those that held it all together and tried to build a life despite the pitfalls.


The female characters were also very interesting to me, because they were particularly strong and complex.

I think if you cut the beginning and end of the book, it would actually have made a more satisfying novel. Ilektra Vlahaki child 6 episodes, This book informs in an enlightening and sensitive way and portrays the human face to this horrible illness.

The eldest girl, Anna, is far more rebellious than her sister but she is never a likeable character because Hislop makes no effort to explain why Anna snyopsis so dissatisfied. There are deaths, but there are marriages, too. A Viktorija je i tu posebna Eventually, Maria marries Kyritsis and they bring up Sofia, not revealing until very late her true parentage. Everyday new troubles appear with police.

Shortly after Eleni dies, Anna marries into a wealthy family and has all she has ever wanted, fine clothes, maids, and a life of money spending and idleness. I loved every minute of this book.

Snyopsis book covers 70 years of Cretan history and 4 generations of a family. A comedy following a Greek couple and their silly antics.

It is victooria that Alexis meets an old friend of her mother’s, Fotini, who is prepared to tell her for the first time the whole tragic story islanx her family.