Indian Drama , Tashan-e-Ishq. And MJ was probably calling him to say that she wanted to go away for a few days, or possibly ask him to let her go now that N was in his life. Pakistani Drama , Zindagi Tujhko Jiya. Indian Drama , Nagin. Indian Drama , Kasam. Pakistani Drama , Udaari. Sz oh sorry i meant the reply button on ur comment abt SeZ above has missing.. Long drawn out scenes like MJ in her room at the beginning of the episode as well as N thinking back to her confrontation with W does add to the long list of issues the play seems to have.

And finished watching it all in three days. Vishkanya 30 May Full Episode. Lets see how much i enjoy falling of neelam next week.. They did not explicitly say that. Other then the funny looking MH, the serial itself was fab. Kasam 19 May Full Episode To be honest I look forward to ur review and the discussion more than the episode itself.

All the characters in the drama have mercurial personality, they cannot be judged so easily. I still think Wali knows who Qasim is because I find it impossible that Wali growing up with her and not having the slightest hint in who he is? Our mr W knows whats going on under that ghonsla of black curly locks. In terms of acting, Sania and Sarmad are just too good together, and their brief scene together was wajoox highlight of the episode for me.

A good episods is one who serves her husband in the morning like peisode mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night -Chanakya SK I want MJ as a proper wife to Wali because it will then bring this story to a meaningful conclusion for Vani is a ill practice, it is illegal too I understand but still being practiced so wahood is time an educated person like Wali shows the pay how to respect such women….


Like maybe use her two legs and just walk out! Neverthless I was so glad to see him stand up for Mj, seena taan ke!

Her hair is a hot mess and its always in the way! Indian DramaYeh Hai Mohabbatein. Haya Kay Daman Main Episode I actually liked that old fashioned way of alluding to physical intimacy … remember those old movies where we were shown silhouettes of two faces coming closer, or two flowers coming together or a bee buzzing over flowers, etc… aah the good old days! Why does FK do this? Sorry I am using this silly play to bring out my feminism and social injustice to women.

I loved the look Mahjabeen gave Alamgir when he talked about Amtul being a highly educated woman, one who could plead his case convincingly in front of the elders…. I too have empathy for Wali. That is why I hope she uses all her skills and evilness to bring down the Nizam and BS.

As for the honeymoon, after the so-called romantic scene in the gaon last week, do you really want them wasting our time with any more of such fall -flat romance between W and N. Mj should not destroy anyone else. Nagin 22 May Episode Also, is there any current drama any particular that has you hooked and would like to discuss further? MJ Person I might have more sympathy with now: The multiple servants Like Like. What is it with the long drawn out scenes of MJ strolling around the room every other scene!

Ajkal to kuch acha lagta hi nahi tv par! Thanks for the feedback. To me abusing and victimizing children into this horrible practice of Wani is a tragedy and a big black mark on all of us who do not speak out about it. Finally one mumkin has been laid to rest. Posted by admin at 8: Unless Eisode is a true villian and planned it for revenge against BS.


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She and Alamgir fpisode supposedly about child. What is the status of this marriage? Actually I am looking forward to it. I seem to have missed it completely.

Pakistani DramaWajood e Zan. Its all very strange! Like previous episodes, there were some really good moments. Many of us had this same problem with him during his earlier shows too.

As I said she needs to watch a few more to become bit more pakki!! All this is real bad taste. My mind is going bonkers with all kinds of mumkinats. Gosh honestly kia pakistan mein locations ki itni kami hai? Also clarified in this episode was the fact that Wali had indeed changed houses to please Neelam.

I hope that she will stand up for herself and give BS a good fight. Fill in your details below or click an icon eisode log in: Agree with you that neither does Q look 17 nor does he look 7 years younger to W!!

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Sasural Simar Ka 31 May – Embed. Indian DramaNagin.

Now for a few questions. To me all this is a bit too much nauseating, if this is supposed to be the story. By the time I was done with the two my ears were ringing with the overloud khaoon khaoon of both ladies!! Person I liked before in this drama but not now: Indian EpisodeeMere Angne Mein.