I provide legal consulting and representation on a flat fee basis. The law office Waldorf Frommer does not investigate the internet connection participating in the distribution of movies, tv series or music by themselves. The German law applies a differentiated approach. Modification of cease and desist declarations On internet forums, users often recommend to submit a modified cease and desist declaration, suggesting the alleged infringer to alter the declaration without professional advice. I did not do anything and was not at home. For a long time, the applicable limitation period for claims of Waldorf Frommer has been a heavily disputed issue. A cease and desist declaration is a promise to the holder of the copyright to refrain from performing a certain deed. However, only weeks after the new rules were introduced, questions were being asked about their effectiveness to stem the flood of file sharing warning letters.

Theatrical distribution In the segment of theatrical distribution, Constantin Film aims for a successful mixture of national and international in-house productions and co-productions and premium license deals. The claim for cease and desist subsists. The law firms that send file sharing warning letters, also known as copyright infringement notices, send them on behalf of their clients, who can sometimes be some of the biggest entertainment names in the business. This saves time, stress and you can rest assured that a professional will deal with the case. August at Mostly, further pieces of evidence exist. Immediate help from a lawyer. According to the Court, it is infeasible for the owner of a private internet connection to document the internet usage of their spouse to meet their burden of proof.

Thirdly, the sender demands payment of the legal fees incurred for investigating the infringement and sending the warning letter. If this is not the case, but, e.

Call us for a free initial assessment. There are strict requirements on the content of warning letters and this does improve transparency; there is a cap on claim values and there are clear rules on exclusive jurisdiction. Approximately in the middle of the second page the warning letter states the underlying investigative data. Please bear in mind: This means legal costs and stress. Verlwih, the person who did an walddorf act offender is liable for the infringement.

The Bundesgerichtshof Federal Supreme Court of Germany demands a high degree of care in dealing with copyrighted materials. Thereby, the right to make a work available to the public is affected. Here are some tips on how to react to a letter.


The declaration might be invalid. You are upset and decide to call Waldorf Frommer right away. Meanwhile, the Frommee had to deal with filesharing issues in several lawsuits.

Therefore, I would not recommend to consider a claim that these investigations are unreliable. Inthe BGH ruled on that point: On internet forums, users often recommend to submit a modified cease and desist declaration, suggesting the alleged infringer to alter the declaration without professional advice.

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Waldorf Frommer sent you a warning letter? However, the only way to succeed with the complaint is to prove that the claimant has no rights in the allegedly infringed work. This creative culture has been cultivated passionately since the early days by Bernd Eichinger and the management to such an extent that there are now more than 50 producers with close ties to the Constantin group and the demand for the best quality is guaranteed consistently and at a high stroke rate.

The three films have attracted more than 21 million viewers in Germany alone. Let me handle the issue right from the start. Constantin Film AG has been a symbol of quality and success for more than 50 years. If you have received a warning letter claiming the unauthorised distribution of a film, music or a TV series by Waldorf Frommer, their claim veerleih that you made the respective work available in a file sharing network.

All I did was streaming a movie! Successful projects were also implemented within the new Corporate Content segment, including the EON Games Show, with a total reach of 10 million users, 80, active players and more than 10, social media comments. August at Recent warning letters by Waldorf Frommer If you have received a warning letter or other correspondence, you can attach it directly to your query.

Constamtin position berleih which internet users find themselves is hardly any better than that in which they were in before the legislation came into force. Therefore, we strongly advise against this approach. Even though the complaint might be successful, the claim for information subsists.

An overview of file sharing in Germany –

Therein, the BGH outlines the key elements of the judgement. Through this amendment, the German legislator set new guidelines regarding liability for interference, excluding the possibility to claim forbearance.


In cases where infringement is carried out via an internet connection which provides WIFI, the provider of such WIFI may contantin held liable for interference. The warning letter can not be rejected on the grounds of a missing letter of authorization. Moreover, the infringed party does not have to establish that the allocation mechanism of the access provider always assigns the IP addresses properly. A judicial authorisation may be granted by the district court of the respective jurisdiction.

In Constantin Film and its subsidiaries produced 14 theatrical feature films. This saves time, stress and you can rest assured that a professional will deal with the case. At the end of the first page or at least at the beginning of the second page the letter names which movie title, respectively which movie titles or series, are the subject matter of the warning letter.

Ignoring the warning letter. Notwithstanding the entitlement to these claims, they become invalid once the limitation period for those claims lapsed.

As many of them are of dubious sources, we advise to be very cautious with them. According to the BGH, the owner is required to present specific information about which persons had access to the internet connection at the time of the investigation. Respective hearings before the Amtsgericht or Landgericht Frankfurt a. To avoid unnecessary risks, leave out the following mistakes: This means that you allegedly violated a usage right of a company that owns the right to make the respective work publicly available e.

The undertaking should only contain the absolute minimum of necessary information in order to satisfy the cease and desist demands.

You are liable for the infringement.

Waldorf Frommer Copyright Infringement Warning Letter (Abmahnung)

In this case, only an official press release about the judgement has been issued so far. It is rare that a warning letter is sent without justification. This means it has made a crucial contribution to the development and renown of the German film – both at home and abroad.