Seeing a Shovel Show. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Watering the Gift Garden. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Hattier turns Bobgoblin into a bunny and is Bunnygoblin and flies away on Hattie the Witch’s broomstick without asking. Plate off the Popcorns Note: When Cake Monster pours too much Power Flour in, the cakes got too big and caught the bakery on top of the cakes. A Light Sprite Can Write!

Then Bobgoblin dubs himself “Biggoblin” after he switches sizes with Wally. Edit Details Release Date: Seeing a Joking Jar of Jelly. Edit Storyline Wally uses the magic stick to make Norville his very own castle, filled with everything dragons love. Retrieved November 17, Jeff warns Wally not to say the word coconut when watching his home and Bobgoblin overhears and tries to trick him into saying it.

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Bobgoblin then stole Wally’s hat and now they have to get his hat back. Retrieved January 31, Wally tries to out-nimble the “sneaky fettuccine ” while Bob fortifies the place al dente and Bob sounds a ziti horn to celebrate. Seeing a Daisy Dance on Norville.

Retrieved September 17, Retrieved September 23, He is later distracted by an awooga noise, allowing the ninjas to sneak up on Nancy as she reads The Noodle Yorker article later indicated to be about misunderstood rigatoni. Wally encourages Norville to take a bath during party time, but Bobgoblin steals the Letter “B” just because It starts with his name. Hattie’s younger sister Cappie the Witch previously shown in a photograph Hattie had in “The Explorer’s Club” is introduced in person.


Wally Trollman voice Taliyah Whitaker When Bobgoblin becomes a bandit and rides on the house like a horse, Wally, Norville, Libby Light Sprite and Ogre Doug set out to stop him from riding a house. Retrieved March 24, Views Read Edit View history. Wally has to babysit her when her magical abilities awaken putting her older sister to sleep.

This episode features the debut of Wally’s Mother, Mrs. But trouble reigns when Bobgoblin takes over the castle and declares himself king. Wally house-sits for Wizard Jeff.

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Victor the Villain escapes from Wally’s comic again and tries to ruin his family’s beach day. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

He fails but then says it himself, causing a bunch of coconuts to burst out of the closet and bounce around. When a Storm ruins Gina’s Picnic, Wall and his friends prepare a giant surprise picnic inside Gina Giant’s house for her. Wally, Libby Light Sprite and Stan search for a humbug that makes the humming of a Humbug make the Honkweeds go away and never ever come back.

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Norville voice Aria Capria Retrieved 16 February Wally plans the Goorilla and Chickephant’s wedding. Wally conjures up Nancy the Naughty Noodle made of several noodles including lasagne for body, angel hair pasta for hair, elbow macaroni for elbows, and a lasso made of linguini and he and Norville must test their newly acquired ninja skills against her. Castlr goes to get his mom Mrs.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wally and Ogre Doug formed a club for explorers to find a rare chickenphant. Nancy is reduced to tears when the ninjas capture her and plot to rewrite her personality.

Retrieved 8 April Hattie’s toddler sister Cappie starts casting spells, putting Hattie to sleep. Wally’s uncle Steve the Skydasher arrives with his dragon Victoria who Norville likes. Watching a Popsicle Parade. When Wally and Norville encounter an Elf name Elfelfa who’s having trouble delivering a sack of wishes to the Jingle Troll, Wally and Norville Decide to Help her deliver the sack of wishes to the Jingle Troll before the Trollidays begin.

Jeff warns Wally not to say the word coconut when watching his home and Bobgoblin overhears and tries to trick him epksode saying fuol.