Allan is a little boy who is on the verge of losing his scholarship. This is the first episode to be aired in high definition. At the time, he used the screen name Marlowe Pamintuan. As the series progresses, she starts to abuse the potion, just because she wanted to win the contest. To save their mother, they are given one black magic seedling each, which they need to turn into white by doing good deeds to enter the land of the fairies. Their mother Bing Loyzaga was brought to a psychiatric institution so her aunt Rubi had taken care of her. The spell breaks if someone loves and accepts her despite being a witch and she was given time until the New Year.

While at the cemetery, she meets Pamboy, a young boy who challenges her in making a ball made of candle wax. On the night of an eclipse, Paul and his dad mysteriously switch personalities after another heated argument. Inday Maja Salvador is a girl that lives with her evil stepmother when her mother got amnesia due to a car accident. A story about a girl who inherits a magical hand mirror. When the fairy of cleanliness sees this, she curses her. One day, Jing-jing discovered a magic beanstalk where she became friends with a giant who gave her huge vegetables to sell in their market.

The seat shook and she electrocuted her. When she discovered the secret wannsapanataym a woman who was cursed to become a flower named Dahlia, Yayo promised that she will keep the secret if she will be cured from her asthma. Carl is a young man who wants to forget the memories of his family. Bridget’s School in Quezon City. Joy is a lazy child who is not always excited to go to school because of her addiction to television.


An 8-year-old girl ,ovie Bessy, who doesn’t really care about garbage, makes a mess wherever she goes. Super K returns home and returns the magical pearl into its proper place.

When her big brother Nash Aguas decides cada throw away her playthings, the toys come to life and ask help from Joy. At the time, he used the screen name Marlowe Pamintuan. Mvoie Era finally understand her Mommy Mila when she sees her struggles and discovers that all of her mother’s sacrifices are for her?

The problem is, it leads to an accident with her family. Tyrone is a young boy who spends most of his time researching about aliens rather than helping his Mommy Agnes.

The story teaches lessons regarding love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Kikay transformed into Super K again to find the giant octopus and get the magical pearl and also to rescue her younger brother.

Super K still flies to the skies to patrol if there are any troubles. Carlos is a boy who destroys an ant hill where a dwarf lives.

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When an inscription on the mirror is read, two identical versions of herself appear. Belle is a foster girl longing for the love of her adoptive family who accidentally became a superhero. She was 10 years old when her father decided that they should leave Germany and live in the Philippines. The story will revolve around Joy Mutya Orquiaa lonely child who finds comfort and companionship in her toys. It tells the story of how to find the perfect one.

A Christmas fairy hears her plea to escape from her evil aunt and cousin Jingle, and she defeats Jingle in the “Caroling Wsnsapanataym contest, leaving their evil aunt. Sooner she got booted. Laiz by scaring her off with rats. Because of her bad manners, a mysterious woman will punish Maya and bring her parents back to their childhood years.


A story about a father who sacrifices for his dying daughter Anna.

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Buboy is a young boy who is fond of playing with spiders. Despite all the efforts of his mother, Paolo still chooses to play video games and ignore everything his Mom gives him.

Carlos is a boy who destroys an ant hill where a dwarf lives. Wanda who secretly harbors feelings for her friend offers help. Because of his insecurities, Perry is determined to do everything to achieve his dreams.

Irene, a girl who was born on Christmas Day, was granted by Christmas fairies named Rosal and Orchidia; intelligence, good-looks, and irresistible mlvie.

He then starts with his house, which turns into a mansion. A story that will teach families different life lessons. Rose is a girl who has no respect for nature. When he wears them, he is able to walk without any problems, but if he takes them off, he returns to his original injured state.

List of Wansapanataym episodes

The strongest bully in a neighborhood turns into a child. The first season of the series presented 12 distinct stories over the course of 13 episodes. In her desire to win, Trixie recklessly violates the graves in the cemetery, unknowingly inciting the anger of the souls inhabiting them.