You just seem to have overlooked them. Checking it out now, thanks! Yes our ancestors sold some people to slavery, but they were criminals or war captives. For a good expose, look for, “Fathead. Feel free to add some links to legal, full-length right-wing documentaries we should see. Thanks – “Carts of Darkness” looks amazing. The “horrible” Crusades were a response to decades of murder of Christians by muslims. What “agenda” other than “leftists” made it to your list?

Do you love watching them for free? What “agenda” other than “leftists” made it to your list? You’ll love it if you are a “birther” who thinks the CIA blew up the towers and shot Kennedy! Not really crazy about these docs. Please get honest and educated of stick to the apps. The statement of these Chinese scholars was:. Are you scared there might be another point of view?

The ones without agendas don’t usually feel the need to put the full film online for free. Thanks for sharing – I love documentaries which actually give some advice on what can be done to help the earth. Zemin’s response shocked Aikman, and much of the world, when he replied:. No wonder Obama took an ass-whooping in the last election. Don’t think this one falls ‘right’ or ‘left’ so hopefully everyone here can learn something without feeling too political.

Sorry it bothers you so much. Do you love documentaries?

While interviewing people who lived in Berlin at the time, the film features beautiful visuals of Berlin to keep you watching.

I love the leftists! Morgan Spurlock won a Sundance award with this horrifying insight into the way junk food affects your body. Love the idea of it being a regular feature: Documentaries – Exposing Michael Moore’s lies goriolavid manipulation UK health care is abysmal. So quit whining and gorillavix us some examples of some well made Fair and Balanced documentaries from a right wing perspective.


Then I made sure there weren’t too many of the same sort of film.

12 Years a Slave (2013)

Both Moore and Maher try so hard to make their point that they over-do their stance well into the ridiculous zone. Are you scared there might be another point of view?

Watch online full movie: Most of them aim to educate the viewer on a particular topic: Zeitgeist is great unless you are hindered by rational thought! My respect level for them just went down a few notches. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Or maybe even more neutral documentaries like Restrepo or the dolphin-killing one in Japan?

If you click on the red “Watch film now” button below it, it will let you watch a legal version for free.

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How about I recommend a site with some extreme conservative biases. Yeah, Michael Moore is more about being sensationalist than being entirely correct and balanced in opinion. Heartwrenching story about the ugliest period in Ogrillavid history, bravely brought to the screen. This is why people do not listen Super Size Me is an experiment in food and health.

Yeah, you’re right, the site is for the left only. A couple that were missing but are definitely as good as the above: It was tried by the Pilgrims Home is a great documentary about the earth and the delicate balance which sustains life on it.

Please feel free to add some links to popular right-wing documentaries available to watch for free.

YouTube Has Become Better! This is why the West is powerful. They eventually reached Northern Uganda and found the children suffering the effects of a 20 year war using child soldiers. Please pay attention to the other replies — I think you’re getting the wrong impression.


One of the biggest and constant lies of the left is that many wars are over religion. The biggest problem with the anti-Christian wingnuts is pure ignorance.

This site uses Akismet gorillzvid reduce spam. You just do not get it. This goes for applications as well as entertainment. Keep your eye out for a notable interview with a senator which led to one incredibly stupid remark. Sorry it is a little imbalanced. There’s no overall agenda — it’s just a good mix of what was popular and available for free.

It doesn’t mean everything they say is a lie, it just means you have to factor in their sensationalism, then balance their opinion with opposing viewpoints and form your own ideas.

After The Fall is a film about the physical and emotional memory of the Berlin Wall 10 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

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Super Size Me is a documentary in that it is an example of fake news, so to speak How about the documentaries that exploited Moore’s own leftist political propaganda machine? What “agenda” other than “leftists” made it to your list?

We merely present the films to be watched by those who wish to see them.