Bute caught him with some enormous shots, but Froch, whose chin is as good as they get, strolled through them and broke Bute’s heart before shattering his consciousness. If anyone can knock out Kessler, it’s Froch. Although only 34, Kessler has picked up injuries over the years and his reflexes are not quite what they once were. Froch is a more careful boxer then hes given credit for and ward is a good student of the game so…was a tactical fight. Chris Bascombe Welcome to the Premier League – shoddy, self-interested and ungracious. Excellent performance by Carl Froch! Yet Froch must get through Bute tonight, pressure him early, stay in the fight on the cards, and make Bute know that he must match Froch blow for blow towards the end, when Froch could cause a finish. The judges scorecards were —, — and —, all in favor of Ward.

Froch has added the right number of wrinkles to make his kill-or-be-killed mentality even more dangerous, but he was at his best against Bute when he decided that no matter what was thrown at him, he would be right in the chest of the Romanian-Canadian. The victory was Kessler’s finest moment, as he had rebounded so impressively from such a low against a fighter who has gone on to become one of the world’s 10 best. Froch’s first opponent in the Super Six was Andre Dirrell. There is a monotony and boredom for fighters when they have time to kill abroad. After the fight, it was revealed that Froch had sustained a perforated eardrum and a cracked rib in his final sparring session before the fight. But he was outboxed by one of the sport’s finest technicians, a master of defence to rank alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr, and similarly hurtful in retaliation.

That showed an admirable steel in Hearn. Alex Saucedo vs Zappavigna.

Andre Ward vs Carl Froch – full fight Video – All The Best

Calvillo vs Cortney Casey. Ward moved not just with speed but acute awareness of danger, giving Froch no chance to land a single fight-changing blow in 36 minutes.


He will regret all the stupid comments he made after the fight. If Froch can go back to his best boxing, he could take the belt. But cree was outboxed by one of the sport’s finest technicians, a master of defence to rank alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr, and similarly hurtful in retaliation.

Then I could have got to him. Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson. Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida. Alex Saucedo vs Zappavigna. Retrieved 30 May But this has been an entirely different build up for Froch, and he looks both refreshed and relaxed, fighting at home for the first time since Carl Froch speaks to East Side Boxing”.

Retrieved 14 April Lucian Bute vs Denis Grachev. Froch says he has not lost that hunger. Vacant Title droch held by James DeGale. Excellent performance by Carl Froch! Archived from the original on 16 January Vacant Title next held by Ryan Kerr.

Vacant Title next held by Brian Magee. Ranking the Super Six bouts — Boxing — Yahoo! The controversial ending prompted a widespread demand for a rematch to be fought between the two.

Even as Hearn was watching his fighter struggle to defeat by absurd scores of from the American and Canadian judges, and one far more realistic margin of rendered by the British judge, John Keane, who lives no more than an hour’s drive from Froch, he knew there was better business to be done elsewhere. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. The fight was a more cagey affair than the first match, with both fighters initially looking to outbox each other. In the Bute fights, we will see the evidence one way or another.

Hearn, making serious inroads as a promoter after picking up the business that his father, Barry, grew slowly disillusioned with, put an arm around his new friend and said: Retained British super-middleweight title.

Video – Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch – full fight video pelea IBF

I think the Kessler fight is a good fight. The timid boxer we saw before has been replaced by someone who wants to gun for the KO and has the wherewithal to get it. Vacant Title next held by Jermain Mackey.


York HallLondonEngland. At this point in his career, Froch racked up 9 wins in as many fights, onlije 7 coming by way of knockout. Bute could pay price against Froch. Such passion and such history are the stuff of great rivalries.

Froch wearing the WBC title in If I had done what Rob [McCracken, his trainer] told me to do and come fast out of the blocks and put it on him, instead of blowing in the last rounds, he might have been blowing in rounds eight, nine and Jon Jones vs Vss Rua.

Won Commonwealth super-middleweight title. Hartwall ArenaHelsinkiFinland. If there were any Froch non-believers before the win against Bute, they were converts after it.

Carl Froch – Lucian Bute Full Match HD © WwW.Bratu-Marian.Ro

More importantly, it’s up to you now how you come back. Froch is the kind of boxer who harbours grudges against the universe for any perceived wrong, and it fuels his enormous will. Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury. BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz.

Carl Froch refocuses on Lucian Bute after masterclass from Andre Ward

Mikkel Kessler v Carl Froch. York Hall, London, England.

Froch fgee a more careful boxer then hes given credit for and ward is a good student of the game so…was a tactical fight.

It is like opening your Christmas presents hoping for a Ferrari and getting a motorbike — but it will do. Abraham lost after a disqualification against former Froch victim Andre Dirrell. He declined to enter the tournament and judging by this fight we know why!

Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch is definitely one of the best boxing fights of the year.