Share this Rating Title: But there’s too much shit going on in my personal life. You’re like a walking boner-killer. My mind’s made up, though. My heart’s beating really fast, Hank. Wear it well on your first day.

I’m just commenting as someone, you know, who knew her when – Okay, then. When did this occur? But I did my research, and when we moved out here I knew that was my opportunity to come find you. It’s good to see him so excited about something. I’ve seen crime scenes less disgusting than that. I still love you, though. I’m pretty happy about my lunch order right now.

He feels trapped because he’s in his own cock cage. How do you know what kind of guy I am now? The last thing I need is some snotty, pretentious fuck who looks down on television.

Have you been knocking for a while? Or Or I could go. Sorry, usually I’m a fucking firecracker but I’m just dealing with some heavy shit now. Yeah, well, we don’t actually know that for sure. We had a lot of fun, in and out of the boudoir. Oh, I shall de Fuck! I paid this chick to take off her top. Okay, people, how do we use this on the show?


Much like life, it’s all in the fucking casting. There is harm, and there is foul Jesus Christ! It’s just being raised by a single mom has made me really fucking weird.

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You’ve had a million, botched them all. Previous Episode Next Episode.

You want to see where I work? You’re pulling in a weekly salary now. Guess I just don’t see her that way. You think this is maybe psychological? I can’t believe you’re doing this to claifornication when I’ve just taken a fucking Viagra!

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I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And every one of them sucked, man. How long have you been s07e20 You’re a grown man-child, dude. I don’t know what you’re talking about. When did this occur? Okay, so maybe Danko has a baby with a stranger. What are you doing? I need to present myself to Karen as an adult male with a job.

Holy shit, did he just wafch in his pants? I do read them, you know, when I’m in the mood for a raging hate boner. But I did my research, and when we moved out here I knew that was my opportunity to come find you.


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You have terminal hemorrhoids, right? My defenses were up. The little blue pill worked. Edit Storyline Hank is surprised during a visit to Levon’s apartment. So what if your cock is a vestigial organ?

God, I a07e02 love a nice wine cooler right now, or like a microbrew.

Hank is surprised during a visit to Levon’s apartment. No, not at all. Maybe she’s just afraid that I’ll disappoint you.

What are you talking wwtch

Hank, thank God you’re alive. You’re finally ready to embrace change, I think. I wanted to make sure you showed up for work you know, on time, reasonably sober. That’s a good-Iooking sammie you got, Hank. Wanted to be an actress. I never expected anything from you. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?