Hideki and Chi along with Shinbo, Minoru and Yuzuki decide to investigate. Hideki wakes up with Sumomo in his bag. May 30, Search titles only Posted by Member: A little more than half of the Second season. At Freya’s request, Hibiya issues the command to shut them down and delete their programming, heedless of Hideki’s protests. OP isn’t talking about filler, he’s talking about episodes that really don’t make the show better, and in some cases actually take away from the show and are better off skipped. Every Wednesday at 3pm PT.

Unfortunately, all the jobs are taken, except for a position he stumbles upon by accident at Japanese pub called Yorokonde “My Pleasure” , where he meets a high school girl named Yumi. Hideki gets a DVD player and an online game from Minoru. Bewildered, Hideki goes to Minoru’s house and gets him to contact Shinbo via video call. She doesn’t say why, but she asks him if he prefers Persocoms over people. Hideki is on his way to college when Chi discovers that he has forgotten his wallet. Every Friday at 3PM!

Big Story Top Superpowers. Chi decides to use her money to buy the sequel to the episodr “A City with No People” and a porno magazine for Hideki, who learns from Shinbo that Persocoms need bathing. A good chunk of Tsubasa’s first season.

Chii gets her first “real job” in a cake shop. May 26, 3. Series with episodes best skipped? Ms Hibiya then reveals that she used to build Persocoms, and she repairs Sumomo.

After several mishaps and mistakes, Hideki finally plucks up the courage to run into the store and buy them himself and run back out.


Series with episodes best skipped? (block spoilers)

The picture came from an untraceable email. Hideki Motosuwa is an year-old student living with the short end of a stick.

Hideki goes looking for Chi. Hideki is facing his first practice exam and goes to chibits book store to buy an English dictionary since he forgot his own at his parents’ place. There, Chi changes into the wrong uniform. Ueda about Chi missing work, they decide to search for Chi together, and Mr. I thought it was gripping, intense and full of questions that I felt needed to be answered quickly.

Hideki gets a date with Yumi. Shinbo explains that Ms.

Seeing him takes her out of the state, and Hideki takes her home. The next day, he finds out that Shinbo hasn’t slept at all.

When Hideki returns, he finds that Chi is very close to losing all of her battery power, but he cannot recharge her because he hasn’t paid his electricity bill. After trying to hide her from Hiromu Shinbo, his chobbits and his mini-Persocom Sumomoand trying and failing to hide her from his landlady, Ms. This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat ZhouTaiRoksMay 26, Chi has chosen Hideki as her “one and only,” and Freya has taken control from within Chi. A complete boxset was released on 5 March A strange e-mail image gets sent to him and Shinbo from an untraceable email address.

Archived from the original on February 25, Unfortunately, all the jobs are taken, except for a position he stumbles upon by accident at Japanese pub called Yorokonde “My Pleasure”where he meets a high school girl named Yumi. Hideki takes Chi to work. Views Read Watcj View history.


Then he finds out that Shinbo has run away with Ms.

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Hideki is scared of a room in the apartment because of a horror story he heard at Minoru’s house when he was asking about the internet through Minoru’s custom-made Persocom Yuzuki. Jun 17, Messages: Pulled me right into the series. Hideki asks Minoru for help, and when they meet, Minoru shows him a picture that appears to be Chi. Shimizu lost her trust in men when her husband bought a Persocom and became so enamoured with it he completely forgot about his wife.

She tells Hideki that Chi used to be called Elda and, like her sister, was created to be loved and fall in love with others. Later, in his room, Hideki gives her the name “chi”.

While Shinbo is teaching Hideki how to use the dictionary, Chi finishes the picture book and something unusual happens. May 27, Shimizu who is now married to him.