You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you find yourself under some train tracks and you can see the tower. The second camera inside the building. At the back, you will find a camera attached to the wall. Jump over the railing go get to the lower roof, and you can hack the camera from there. Then go up the yellow ladder. Follow the catwalk to a blue lift, get onto it and hack it to reach the roof. Introduction and map The special mission.

Hack into it, then use the camera to unlock a get located in the direction you came from. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Climb as high as possible, until you see a locked door. You’ll walk through an open gate and up two staircases. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? Tilt the camera down and to the left, then zoom in on the wall panel.

After hacking the panel, ctps on the nearby lift and raise it to reach the facility. It’s a more layered form of infiltration in Watch Dogs. Now go back the way you came. The first tower is located near the first hideout. When you’re within the fence of this facility, hack into the first available camera. Go to the west end of the Mad Mile district and find a courtyard with people hanging around.

The view of the ladder on the parking lot. Head into the small parking lot with the barbed wire-enforced wall and climb up using the dovs. Climb up the stairs and the nearby ladder to reach tracks.


Follow the catwalk to a blue lift, get onto it and hack it to reach the roof.

Using the Public Furniture sign as a starting point, head south, and make a right into the first alley. Climb those steps and continue running forward, past the generators and over the railing. Start on the west end of The Wards.

The camera you need is directly across the way, but you can’t see it yet. The camera view on the switch, over the fence. You should be able to see the unlock panel below you while standing on the air conditioners. Once you reach the alley, look up to find a blue lift. Hack into the camera tbe the other side of the fence, then switch to the camera on the left.

Climb those objects to reach the ctOS gate. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Climb onto the rooftop by taking the elevator the blue one.

Watch Dogs guide: Where to find all the ctOS Towers | Shacknews

These spatial puzzles are some of the best brain teasers in Watch Dogs, but if you do find yourself stumped, here’s a walkthough video to guide you to each tower, along with a listing of where in the video to find each one. The sixth tower in the northern-east part of The Loop district. Climb up a couple boxes to reach the ctOS tower entrance. The elevator between buildings. Walk over to the opposite side of the building, now.


So what else can fit in one of those carriers? The blue elevator in the Southern part. The camera view of the forklift that you need to move. Still, panning it to the right, as far as possible, should let you see the second doogs.

Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers walkthrough guide

Hack the unlock panel to wathc access to the tower. Then, walk over the tracks to the gate to the mast. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Go through the gap in the buildings until you find the yellow ladder at the end of a catwalk.

In the game, there are 13 objects and the order in which they are to be unlocked is up to you. Use it to activate the first switch.

While facing the fenced gate, hack the one visible camera. Simply use the nearby car to help you jump far enough to reach the roof with the tower. As you’re facing the building, go left and around to the opposite end.