This time, you can clear the hacking mini-game with relative ease. This is the same location from Stare into the Abyss. Not the Pizza Guy Act I: Basic information Description of the available skills. To upload the virus at each point, Aiden needs to stay at that location for a set amount of time. Even with police officers chasing, you can hack the terminal and hide behind a wall nearby.

You’ll have to head through the yard and climb along equipment and stacks of building supplies to high ground and find the panel located on the side of a building, but there are plenty of crates nearby that you can hide behind. What’s Jordi doing here??? Start hacking into the interactive point. Use a boat to reach Damien. Just use a few Blackout items and drive away quickly and the deed is done. They’ll make life rougher than seems fair as you progress toward your destination. Hack into the box in front of you, then solve the last puzzle, which is incredibly easy. In the lobby, take a right as you keep the main wall to your left.

Start with the middle lower left point and turn it once. You must remain in the area while the virus uploads, so take cover and disrupt the helicopter. This is particularly difficult, as Damien has hacked your map.

While escaping the police, you therefore need to rely, mainly, on flawless driving, using side roads or driving through garages.

The important piece of information is that you cannot walk away too much, while uploading the virus. After you approach the ctOS HQ, get out of the car and cover the rest of the distance on foot. Big Brother Act I: Tools of the Trade Act II: Backstage Pass Act I: Head out of the building and head to each point in turn.


Get into a car, and drive into The Loop. Keep watching through the first part of the credits.


This guide is made possible by support from a sponsor. The next tower I recommend heading toward is the one to the west of the central location. Pipes will be exploding and lights will be changing, so be on your toes.

He’s by far the biggest threat to you. Unlock the point in the lower right corner, then move back to the center area and click the upper right point three times. You need to reach the lighthouse, in the boat.

Viduses back to the starting point again for one last turn, then move to the lower left point and turn it once. What’s Jordi doing here???

Fill up on everything before starting this mission as you won’t have dogss to pick up anything during it. Try to avoid the police scans. Head there and upload the final virus fragment. There’s one more mini-game to clear, but it’s no challenge at all. If this is an option, try to prevent them from locating Aiden, by using the Jam Coms.

Leave the bunker and cross the bridge off the island.

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Find Damien Head up the stairs and the two ladders before watching the cutscene. After you approach the first destination point, try to block the entrance to the square, with the car, or use hacking to extend Spikes from the ground. Race towards the mission icon on the map, Damien will call you and the location will move.


Choose a tower and mark it as a waypoint. Lose any pursuers before hacking into ctOS. Essentially you will need to use all the skills you have been honing the entire game to reach each point, upload the virus and get away successfully.

Try not to cause any major collisions with the other vehicles, or the ctow of the environments. Is This a Comeback Year for Microsoft? The choice is yours. Congratulations on beating Watch Dogs!

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Hack it for another mini-game. A marker will appear inside showing you where the access panel is.

Backseat Driver Act I: If you mess up along the way but t-ones have taken care of a given tower, that progress will be saved, so you can take down one at a time and still advance. The steam vents are the most dangerous thing you’ll encounter, and you can minimize the harm they might do by simply keeping to the right side of the ibto, rather than the middle lanes.

Starting in the lower left corner turn the point twice. For the most part, the route is fairly safe.

Either jump into the water and get onto a boat, or use a Blackout to get away from the police faster. Go back to the middle upper right point turning it twice, then the lower left corner needs turning once.