Jane makes a decision that surprises Braam. And Lara warns Krynauw to stay out of her life. And Cat has money problems. And who will take stage at Britney’s school concert? Krynauw breaks down with Liam. Rex is worried about what Zanele has done.

And there is tension in the air on two counts as Rieke returns and Vuyatela gets some unexpected news. Albert regrets what he has done. Cat and Chris have a successful evening. Louwa is outraged and on the war-path, and heads straight to Rian’s studia at M-Net. And Bienkie gets something off her chest. Braam wants to know what has been going on in the showroom.

And Bertie realises he’s missing something. It is an important day for Walco! Cat realises she’s lost out. Niek gets an unusual offer. Rex asks Baby to give Zanele singing lessons.

Candy is uncomfortable with Krynauw’s request and Scab is given an important task. Koert is impressed with Lara’s attitude. Which means Goths, prizes, awards and more.

Nenna makes Audrey see reason. Louwna has some advice for Baby. Louwna stays put and Rex gets some disturbing news.


Monika witnesses another incident at the Edwards house. Nora and Chris have a heart to heart. Britney saves the day.

Egoli: Place of Gold

Sureshni has a dinner date planned. And Audrey puts Krynauw in his place.

Koert discovers vitally important information. Audrey finds out about Nenna’s money and Shaun goes too far. Albert begins his redemption. When Chris arrives to take Albert home with him, Nora warns him to leave Albert alone because the boy is confused enough.

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And Cat is in serious trouble! Andy gives Nenna a call and expresses his concern as her request is turned down. Krynauw is embarrassed about his event and takes it out on everyone who is near.

Koert is under pressure from Rex to uncover the truth. And Zanele has mixed feelings about Rex’s girlfriend. Meanwhile Cat gets the 3rd degree from her colleagues. But is all forgiven? Joe recieves a parcel that upsets him.

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Jane wants to spend every possible moment with Braam. And is Maggie losing hope? Louwna hears that only one guest looks promising and Don gets pushed to the limit.


Nenna appeals to Krynauw. Place of Gold aired its final episode on 31 Marchafter 18 years of acting from South African and international actors. Egolk African television’s first daily soap opera, on 3 December Egoli became the first South African television program in eboli genre to reach 2, episodes.

Sureshni is amused by Louwna’s efforts. Justin resorts to drastic measures. And Audrey takes Karin’s speech to heart. Nenna is fed up with Krynauw’s sulking. Who is spying on Rex?

Egoli: Place Of Gold

While Lara looks to better her position, Krynauw has other ideas. Braam struggles to get Monika to go to school. Karin struggles to remain professional.