Was it a tank of some kind? Uh, which one’s Juliette? He was pretty proud of that. We’ve got an ID. I got her, Nick! You see where he went?

Does he have any friends who might know where he is? Anybody have a match? It’s a map from showing all the old rail lines. Then make sure you keep your phone in your pocket. Am I reading this right? Nice place for a lair.

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From my understanding, they come from a dragon-like lineage. Watch Now With Prime Video. My vote is seven. We’re running samples for DNA.

Plumed Serpent

An entrance to Hell. Come by my house tonight and I’ll tell you everything I know.

Photo, Meme or GIF. You know, his wife died in a fire, and he was never the same after that. No s01d14 of ignition at the scene. Previous Episode Next Episode. Was it a tank of some kind? I’m not liking the plan so far. My guess is he was homeless.

Beautiful women being taken, dragged into caves, and the men sacrificing everything to go after them. They’re kind of a throwback to the days of yore. I need to talk to you. Yes No Report this.


It’s definitely the guy with the scar. Sometimes, I really miss him. I’m going to distract them long enough for you to get Juliette.

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It’s pretty rank down there. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Well, he may have burned a couple of guys to death. Does he have any friends who might know where he is? This girl takes being wired to a whole new grikm. They just cut into any type of lock I put on it.

He’s coming for Mom. Eberhart was one of the best welders we had.

Are you sure it was him? Explosion like this, had to be. If sprayed and ignited, it will flash and burn and become intensely hot. Where are you taking her? You can paste URL of the image inside your s01f14 and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment.

Until I found you. You know w01e14 this is all about? I mean, you can’t use your gun in there. I’m giving them what they want. No, we would smell that.


Season 1 Season 1. But they, uh, laid him off two years ago.

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You know what she’s doing? I’m at the end of the old rail line Are you a detective, too? And the rest is obvious, you know? The man is identified as Fred Eberhart, a missing welder and veteran of war.

Have a little fire dance of our own. Well, so, can they breathe fire?

This place must be fun in a storm. I bet you’ve got one back in the trailer. Look, Juliette, I’m sorry. Branches off into four tracks.