I would suggest this for a first time viewer I guess my point is keep watching: I guess I was mistaken. What’s with the kids sleeping in the park in December, listening to the news broadcast? I’m about to whine like a whipped puppy. I can’t believe they were using Whammo Air Blasters for Martian weapons! Who reference to the spaceship being like a tardis as the martians start climbing down the ladder. Stuff watched in

Well at least they’re dressed for the north pole. Pika the Marauding Missingno – so far she’s beat the stuffing out of three trainers and crashed your hall of fame. Charlie had us pinned down their way ICEyun – over 6 years ago. I, uh, stumbled on something that’s downloading right now B – about 6 years ago. Hell make it a single dvd like hamlet – I dont care haha Ill still cop it.

Veklorr Vigorr – over 2 years ago. Andrew Jones – about 5 years ago.

Online videos come and go. Linda Knowles – about 5 years ago. I loathe this crass, cynical, pandering midden martlans of pedantic demogoguery in a way I do not despise any other movie given the treatment on MST.

“Mystery Science Theater ” Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Just saw the Rifftrax presentation of this in the theater with Mike, Kevin, and Bill. For me, at least, you need to copy the Dailymotion links but not as links or it leads you back to this page, then I had to turn my adblock off, which I’m not exactly happy about but whatever.


Interface Prime – over 5 years ago. Mars is supposed to be this bleak, draconian place, yet they have ice-cream and tickle-rays. Kamil Drews – almost 5 years ago. Eric Weiss – almost 7 years ago.

And yet father is KImar? And there’s no possible way they could know where we Martians are headed.

Mystery Science Theater Collection : Classic | Netflix

Meghan Calico Hendrickson – about 2 years ago. Sonja Henderson – 9 months ago. There’s no way they could be following us!

Best of all, this site is updated by MST3k’s greatest asset, the fans you! Kimono Dragon – mysteryy 5 years ago. Snuffy Wuffykiss – over 3 years ago. Jaguar Wong Abides – almost 3 years ago. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: I love the monty python references!

Jaguar Wong Abides – about 5 years ago. Scott Hume – about 5 years ago. He strikes me as a man on the edge of his sanity in real life.

Anderson – 6 months ago. Teri Gee – about 5 years ago. This movie invented the Borg.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 S03e21 Santa Claus Conquers The Martians [Part 1]

And desperate times call for desperate deeds” Done dirt cheap. Craig Pinkava – about 5 years ago. I would suggest this for a first time viewer Joel and the Bots take on the infamous Christmas classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in which a group of martians kidnap Santa Claus because they have no one on Mars to give their children presents.


Lindsey Tulloch – over 5 years ago. Klaatu – almost 2 years ago. It was only recently, after reading a book by film critic Richard Roeper, that I learned about the scandal behind the Golden Globes–and the highly dubious nature of the award Zadora “won” for Best New Talent for her performance in the reportedly godawful box-office flop Butterfly.

I’ve seen this riffed by MST3K, Cinematic Titanic, and RiffTrax, and not one of them jumps on the fact that Andy asks “Is it true that there’s a rumor that you’re using a rocket-powered sleigh? Elel – almost 7 years ago. The scars of that memory has stuck with me all these years. For quite a while I always thought one of these martians was Jamie Far.