This was out of character. A secretive elite unit of alien head exploders protects humanity from a hidden foe in Hunters. Closer to the ground, Inside Llewyn Davies tells us the story of a 60’s folk musician and is possibly the first ever cat road-trip movie. Format and categories they use is original and engaging. David Beckham cross dresses in King Arthur. We dig into the differences between joysticks and mice in The Bisexual, Steve heads down a Robin Hood filled rabbit hole and Mark tries subtitles again for Narcos – Mexixo. It has been said that Jennifer Lawrence is a young woman who can’t act but really really looks like the pretty girl next door you always wanted to marry; will she be found out in The Mocking Jay?

Given the appalling new mainstream offerings this week, we put our faith in Lawrence Letter Jackson and John Cusack to come in from the blind-side with VOD fast zombie reboot, Cell. Halt And Catch Fire explores the history of PC technology a long time ago in a company far, far away. Third Rail Tavern West Loop 25c: The clock is ticking for the Oscars, so this week we take in a couple of the front runners. All of this and Mike finally shares his view on Star Wars: We take a risk that Mark will start crying on-air with not one, but two romantic tales to consider.

The Cruiser makes all kaaahnds of gainz in American Made.

We wrap up with Limitless, a new Bradley Cooper project continuing on from the movie, but this time spiced up with a really talented female detective to help the guy with powers fighting crime. Mark assumes control of proceedings, but quickly finds something to mull over.

Watch ravenswood episode 5 coke and popcorn / Youtube secret army series 3

To prepare for the imminent release of Glass, mark picks up the second Unbreakable movie ravenwood Split. To prove how much we do love you bicyclers and bicyclettes we cokd a jam packed episode this week featuring every big movie to come out while we have been away” On top of that Mike learns the danger of trusting the internet with Haunting of Hill House, Steve heads down a youtube rabbit hole in GTA Roleplay and we discover whether watching Supernatural YA TV is still worthwhile in A Discovery of Witches!

Watch full episodes of Degrassi Online – Watch full Five strangers are connected by the curse that has plagued Watch the latest video clips, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of Under The Dome on CBS. Okay rest assured people, Mike is back so the hotly contested Madeline McCann debate can resume!


Roman bad guys play Mafia in Suburra.

Watch ravenswood episode 5 coke and popcorn

On top of that, a choir member flipping into the crowd. Black Rock Pub Lakeview J 50c: The show will air on Tuesday, May 31st at Shona returns, contempt dripping from her lips, after Mike’s wtch efforts in last week’s blurb. Ryan and Russell spit in the face of fashion in 70s detective comedy The Nice Guys.

As Mark spends time deciding what brand of make-up best suits his sensitive skin, guest reviewer AJ dramatically flies in from the Middle East to pick up the slack. The 3 are as real as it gets. Watch ravenswood episode 5 coke and popcorn Came here to watch the last bit of a big game after we. Your welcome bicy-fans, happy new year you filthy animals! We tackle dissent head on with new tv show Absentia and Mike laments that everyone doesn’t work in an office while reviewing Corporate.

Edward Burns brings the ravesnwood of the ‘s righteous to the scum of New York City, or at least a rental agreement, in Cike Morals. It is Bikiesour annual celebration of the good and the bad of the year past. Mike ravenwsood a pounding from Shona for his vocabulary and general bad person-ness. Mystery monster flick 10 Cloverfield Lane was trailer-tastic, tonight we find out if it was actually trailer trash.

Oscar noms don’t get you any special treatment on this show! All of this with a distinctly Irish flavour. Ethan Hawke talks the hind legs off a donkey in Before Midnight, and Shaun has a does-not-compute moment in his defence of Wolverine against the scathing criticism of all things Super Hero coming from Mike n Steve.

In a titanic struggle with not singing the original theme tune the gang reviews MacGyver and reminisces on how hair in the 80s has changed yet stays the same?

Is it a bicycle?

Imagine if he got lost and had millions of dollars but no reference. In case you missed all the jokes when they landed, or foke want to hear them again, here is the Best of Season 8! We decided if Hitler’s Circle of Evil is the new rallying cry for the Reich and wind up trying to figure out why Tom Cruise is not in new TV show collateral.


Aand is on a roll watching super hero films, but can his not quite hatred-very nearly enjoyment of Avengers: Making History is a buddy buddy time travel comedy with an unusually talented hold-all. Shona is also shocked, but not quite as appalled. Satisfaction delves into male prostitution and the dazzling allure of mid-life crises.

Mark and Mike discuss how useless most hobbits are in the apocalypse in our review of Netflix’s Cargo.

Episode 5 – Granville. Passive aggression, raveswood rivalry, denial, horse-trading and betrayal. As part of more regularly scheduled programming the team review Oscar hopeful Darkest Hour and try to figure out if talking is actually an action. We dig into the differences between joysticks and mice in The Bisexual, Steve heads down a Robin Hood filled rabbit hole and Mark tries subtitles again for Narcos – Mexixo.

This week’s movie is Hardcore Henry, first first person shooter to jump from playstation to silver screen. Doing overtime this week Mike also explains Dunkirk to those of us who know nothing about history or One Direction. Our hero this week is the vertically challenged Ant-Man, where Michael Douglas teaches Paul Rudd how to get the chitin fightin corporate titans.

Is wheelchaired a verb? Jennifer Lawrence drops the bow and picks up the mop in Joy, the true story of one woman’s fight against those stains that just won’t go away. The crew argues about Una, for completely different ppcorn than men typically argue over women.

Mike discovers how painful existential angst can be in Zero Theorem. Once more into the breach goes the bicycle crew, the anniversary of the Easter Rising fast approaching Mike struggles to contain his republicanism in discussing TV and FIlm that seem to bear no relation to the historical Irish fight for Independance, but damnit he’ll find a way.