Top billing this week is The Lego Movie, bringing bad hair back into fashion and Batman into every boyfriend’s worst nightmares. The trailer section provides a trip down memory lane and in a shocking revelation we find out what happened to Shaun’s face. BAFTA red carpet failures give us the chance to mock the great and the good. WW2 left Denmark with millions of land mines and a smidgen of resentment. On TV we find a divisive ambulance sit com – Sirens. We dive right into discussing the latest Ryan Gosling offering “Only God Forgives”, as divisive a movie on the podcast as among the wider audiences. Mark lightens the mood with a report back from Irish frolic in the woods, The Stag.

In a titanic struggle with not singing the original theme tune the gang reviews MacGyver and reminisces on how hair in the 80s has changed yet stays the same? We decide whether the eponymous lady is worth it or not in Sin City: On TV we find that it is true, your cat IS plotting to kill you in Zoo, the story of earth’s fauna pushing back on us hooomans, for a reason the writers will never get around to telling us. Podcasts come and they go, but its always what’s burned into your memory once they are gone that makes the difference; in this case its the horror or beauty of being a Comedian in the might be a film but definitely not a documentary Misery Loves Comedy. There’s a whole lot of resentment of pretty people as we review The Shannara Chronicles, an MTV production about elves that don’t have sex half as much as Spartacus. WW2 left Denmark with millions of land mines and a smidgen of resentment. The Big Short, starring nearly everyone, tells the story of some folks who made out like bandits in the US housing collapse. Strange hits our screens in a vertigo inducing death match with Hannibal.

Listen and decide Bicyfan!

Shaun questions whether Chris Hemsworth is a good actor or just good at being Chris Hemsworth while picking a fight with the wrong mammal in In the Heart of the Sea.


Get The London Look.

The crew argues about Una, for completely different reasons than men typically argue over women. We talk about dicks, again, this time for American Vandal. Continuing our look at Oscar hopefuls in the Foreign Movie category, we check out Russian movie Leviathan, which tells the tale of Everyman versus an popcoorn alliance of Church and State conspiring against its citizens.

THe length of the Deuce has Mark co,e and fractions, strangely, are hotly debated as we discuss Strike: No objectification here people, as Mark is all over it.

Coke bottle | DuetsBlog

That’s not a drugs reference. The Returned returns in English as kids come back from the dead in a small non-French village speaking English in a better looking and very un-French way, and Mark ruins Mike’s day without even showing up.

Stargate is back to tell us where it all started in Stargate Origins. Shona is a little rusty on her return and makes the rookie mistake of asking Mike his opinion about the identity politics of horror smash hit Get Out.

Coke Opening ZERO Genericness Floodgates? | DuetsBlog

It can mean only one thing. Sometimes there’s no point getting out of bed, but with mobile phone technology, you can hear all this without needing to! I know you had probably accepted that we weren’t posting an episode this week when it didn’t hit your ear-brains on Friday, but here we are brightening the start of your week for you!

Ryan and Russell spit in the face of fashion in 70s detective comedy The Nice Guys.

What could possibly go wrong? Guardians of the Galaxy gets the band back together in the geniously named 2. Martin Sheen and Jane Fonda remember them? Even more so when the fate of all Zephyria lies on your chiseled shoulders and your son admits to being a vegetarian.

But our pint-size stud-bound friends are not the only show in ravenwwood this week; Robocop reboots in style with Michael Keaton and Samuel L finding out just what happens when a can of whup-ass is opened, and Abbie Cornish discovering that a husband with no problems getting hard is not all it’s cracked up to be. Opinions are thrown in for good measure on credible tv pursuits like Mayweather v Mcgregor and a snd Game of Thrones discussion, to the less anc – hate-watching Fifty Shades of Grey anv Celebs Go Dating.


Much anticipated Angry Birds hits the big screen with a host of attitude and the greenest of piggies. A Quiet Place forces us to look at our appreciation of silence once more. Ravenswood Remorse tells the story of a young man come good in the sporting world and his cousin’s valiant efforts to keep him solvent.

Sleep deprived Shona tries vainly to remember why she is so angry with Mark and Steve invents the pronoun drinking game. Actually, the Coca-Cola bottle is epsode bad example, or perhaps a great example to illustrate another point, the contour of the Coke bottleis a trademark itself, and it cannot be ground out or removed without destroying the bottle. How long will these resolutions last? Mulder and Scully make a welcome return to our screens. After an unexpected sabbatical last week, the crew are back together.

Shadow Recruit, where Jay invents an excellent new game to get you thrown out of a movie theatre! Roman bad guys play Mafia in Suburra. We dive into the hear to of these and other Marvel universe questions.

Is it a bicycle?

If it was Belgian we would understand. How many superheroes is enough? Everyone’s got a story.